Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Less sleep, still smiling

Kylie has recently decided she is going to be a one napper...not so sure I am ready for this. The last couple of days she has only taken one nap and it has only been about an hour long....not nearly long enough for her to make it so well the rest of the day...or me for all that matters.

Oh yeah, and she is getting in one of her 2 year molars...woohoo. I'm guessing that is why she has been extra fussy about pretty much everything the last few days as well. When she first started getting teeth she was 4 months old and that wasn't fun, because we had no idea she was teething...heck, most babies don't get teeth until they are about 9 months old. Anyhow, she got most of her teeth (6 to be exact) while on the crazy steroid for her seizures. We had no idea if it was the drug making her so inconsolable or if it was the teeth or all of the above. So needless to say it feels like she is teething for the first time for us, since there were extenuating factors with the eruption with her other teeth.

Anyhow, Matt and I are pretty much worn out with trying to comfort her and keep her content. I got a couple pictures of her this afternoon, and they have given me a boost of energy...not enough to finish the laundry I started, but enough to remind me how awesome Kylie is and how happy I am to be her mommy.

Here are a few of those pics:

Running around on our screened in porch

Trying to escape. We have been painting our back porch and we still have to put the screens back in the door.

I love this one! Love the look on her's how I see her all the time :)

Love this one too...I caught this pic mid-laugh. She's such a cutie!

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The Adventures of Bobbie and Zach said...

Every time I think she can't get any cuter, she does! Sorry that you are in such an exhausting's so hard when they aren't themselves! But you're right, only a few of those adorable smiles and laughs remind you how great it all is :)


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