Monday, June 7, 2010

Hand in hand

Today was a super sappy day for kind of still is. I'm guessing it will be for a few days...that's just how I am :)

We had a playdate this morning, and there was so much growth, so much newness...just so much joy was created!

We met up at the park and Kylie and her friends M and D were there for a fun-filled morning. Kylie was kinda fussy and clingy at first...just one of those mornings for us. Anyhow, she quickly got comfortable with her surroundings and playing with her friends, that she was running around with them and all smiles!

Kylie had stumbled in the play area, but no worries her sweet friends M and D helped her was so cute to see them helping her and Kylie allowing them to help. Kylie realized that it was kinda fun to have help getting up, so she ran over and sat down and turned back to look for help. Sure enough M came by and helped her up. My mommy friend and I just laughed when we realized what she was doing. That wasn't enough...Kylie kept sitting down and searching for help...what a silly girl!

So it gets better :) Kylie hasn't really interacted a whole lot with other kids. She more or less just does her thing and just checks them out to see what they are doing. Recently she has been getting closer to other kids in the nursery at church, and giving toys to them and even trying to touch their hand when I am holding her...her way of saying hello.

Sorry..I got derailed a bit there. Onto the moment that made me tear up. Kylie decided to step away from the playground area at the park and then she started signing "walk." She likes going for walks, so we all got together to walk on the trails a bit. The cutest thing happened, the thing I have never seen Kylie do before, the thing I never thought she would least not in the near future. She reached up for D's hand as they were walking. Yep, my baby girl was hand in hand with her friend as we began our walk. I grabbed my phone and snapped a pic. Kylie must of heard me getting all excited about what I was witnessing, because she turned back to wave as I was snapping the pic:

It gets even cuter..yep, it's possible! My mommy friend was carrying M, and she decided she wanted to hold her big sister's other hand. They were all 3 holding hands and walking ahead of us. I snapped the pic and it was so cute! Unfortunately I have so many pics on my phone, that it didn't save it...memory was full. Are you kidding? I just captured one of the most precious moments ever, and it isn't sad. I quickly deleted some pics...hard to do, I mean goodness...I still have pics of Kylie on my phone from when she was born.

The funniest moment was when the girls were all trying to figure out how to hold hands. It was so cute and funny watching them grabbing hands, and trying to pull it all together. They would get it and take a few steps and then start again...priceless!

Here is a shot I quickly snapped while they were all still linked together.

When we got home and I put Kylie down for her nap, I was thinking about these moments and I started to cry. I witnessed and captured one of those moments that I never thought would happen. I didn't know if or when she would trust someone else enough to make that contact. My mommy friend that was with me this morning had a rocky start with her first born, so she said she knew how I was feeling at that moment when I was ready to cry when I saw Kylie reach for D's hand. Just one of those unforgettable moments that turns me into a puddle of goo.

So yes, I have been all sorts of weepy today and hugging and kissing Kylie over and over again. No wonder she doesn't like hugs...I smother her when I get like this :) We went for a walk this afternoon and after walking just one or two houses away she stopped and grabbed onto my legs and put her arms up for me to pick her up. A couple times she laid her head on my shoulder and hugged me...another thing that I never thought would happen so soon. I love every little hug I get from her. There aren't many, but each one grabs my heart and I try to hang onto to that moment as long as I can.

We watched one of her signing dvds after our walk and I saw Kylie doing so many new signs and she wasn't even looking at the tv...she has watched it a few times before and just picks them up so fast. My sweet little girl is so smart and growing so much. I love her more than anything, and I am a big puddle right now with tears running down my face. She is such a blessing, and such an Amazing little girl!


Wendi said...

What a wonderful, sweet entry! She is blossoming so quickly, at this rate you're going to have to have a camera on your wrist at all times just to record all of the great moments. So great to read of all of her progress, and I can imagine that it makes you weepy--I got teary eyed reading it, too! Way to go, Kylie!

happy's mommy said...

awwww...sweetness! Much needed sweetness!


JSmith5780 said...

Awesome social development progress! And sweet too!


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