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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Friends, Photo Ops, and Flossing

I have some more great pics of Kylie and her friends from school at the KC Pumpkin Patch.  One of her classmate's mom's emailed them to me...yay for more sweet moments captured!

Love that they are watching one another as they climb the rock wall!
All of the kids piled up on the big rocking chair!

It was time for another dentist apptmt for Kylie and my goodness did she do awesome!  The last time we were there, it was her first cleaning and the hygienist let her play with the tools and even use them herself, but this one didn't do that.  It was okay too, because Kylie let her do what she needed to do! 

She loves getting to use the giant toothbrush and brush the dinosaur's teeth :)

It was time for x-rays and they were not so great last time.  She totally got it this time and she also sat in the chair by herself...last time it was on my lap!  Sweet, sweet progress!  I love how she has the giant smiley face on the apron for x-rays, yet there is no sign of one on her face :)

Here she is with Dr. Jenkins.  They are examining the dinosaur's mouth together!  Dr. Jenkins is just perfect for Kylie and I love how she listens to Kylie when she talks and uses all the Disney Princess references to make it a great visit for Kylie .

Occupying herself with the dinosaur while the doc checks her teeth.  Hooray, it was a great visit with a healthy report too!

I had mentioned in a previous post about all the crazy morning hair pics I have taken of Kylie.  Well, the morning of school pics was no different.  After some time working on the crazy mane, we ended up with some pretty locks.
Time for mommy to get some pics before sending her off to school.
I had never been to the Louisburg Cider Mill, but had heard great things about the cider apple donuts, and all the neat things there.  So, we went with some friend to visit the place, and check out all the fun things they had for Halloween too.

We got there earlier than expected, so we thought we would look around while we waited for our friends to arrive.  Of course this just meant more pics for me to take of Kylie after I took in the whole place.  Smiling ear to ear, waiting for me to snap the pic so she can have her bag of kettle corn back :)

She found a scarecrow!

Matt had just ran to take some of the items we bought back to the truck, so I attempted to get some more pics of Kylie.  Just as I was about to take the pic...up rolls Matt with our friends that he had met in the parking lot.  So that is why she had such a smile in this shot!

We thought we would get a pic of the girls together, and to Kylie's surprise, our friend asked if she wanted to hold their little girl and she was more than excited to do so!  I love how her face just lit up the moment she got to hold her.

While we waited in line to get on the hayride, Kylie found this giant metal jack-o-lantern filled with corn to play in. 

Just some pics I snapped of Kylie near the corn fields. 

Kylie and I

Kylie and Matt going down the slides.  As you can see he was being silly like he was scared going down it, and it just made for more smiles and giggles for Kylie!

All three of us!

Kylie had school pics at her new school, so definitely a morning for me to snap some shots before we went to school.

When she got home from school, we ate lunch real quick and then went to the park to find some colorful leaves.  And a perfect opportunity for some more pretty pics of Kylie :)


Kylie and some of her friends from Kindermusik at their Halloween party.  This is so cute...they all were making their own funny faces! 
More serious, and just plain old cute here!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

To the patch we go...pumpkin that is.

Kylie's school goes to the KC Pumpkin Patch each year for a field trip, and they get to enjoy all the fun things going on there and get a pumpkin too!  Just before we headed out that way, I wanted to snap a few pics of Kylie...imagine that :)
So she is totally not into this, and really just wants to go see her friends. Oh yeah, and she is totally rocking the new shirt I made her...just for the trip to the patch :)

I told her we will head on out, once I get some smiley she cheesed up for me!


Love those eyes...she's got her daddy's eyes.

And we are at the patch!  I have not seen so many white pumpkins in one place before.

Haha, this one is cute...trying with all her might to pick up a big pumpkin.

What?! why on earth is this pumpkin too heavy for me to lift?

One of my faves!

Kylie and some of her classmates checking out the little pumpkins and gourds.

 She is getting taller...I took her pic here last year too :)

Yay, the kids all love jumping on the big pillow!  Hooray, Kylie went on it by herself this year...last year I had to jump with her, and this year I got to watch all the smiles!

Time for the train ride...this was a huge moment for Kylie.  Last year, she was on it long enough for me to snap a pic, and then just melted down.  Soooo happy, and proud that she got on it...not so excited, but she did it!


Hmm..not so sure about this thing.

Here comes the train...ughh tractor with some colorful rain barrels :)

I don't think she cracked a smile on the ride...too concerned, but so glad she got on and stayed on!

Feeding some goats...she loves tickles when they eat the food out of her hand.
Riding some big bikes.

An attempt at getting a pic of all her classmates.  Way more of a challenged when there is more than one!

This one is pretty good, but we lost a guy.
So this totally looks they are contemplating something...

...and then they got busted!


I didn't see this last year...another thing to take yearly pics of Kylie.

She loved this little digger they had there!

Playing in the corn

This slide the kids went on just really shot them out of it.  So after a few times down it, each kid figured out how to position themselves, so they wouldn't end up on their bottoms.  Here is Kylie celebrating that she did it...she kept saying "Yay, I did it...I'm the winner!"

Back up top, and ready to go down again.
On one of the horse swings made out of an old tired.

This one was sweet...some of the girls holding hands to get on the hay ride to the pumpkin patch.

I think the kids were getting kind of tired already, so it was nice to get a ride down to get their pumpkins.


We let the kids get off first, and they just went right ahead into the parents needed I suppose.

Something about that face was just too cute!  I can't believe how big she is!
Back on the tractor with her pumpkin.

They had a lot of purple painted pumpkins on the tables where the kids had snacks, so I just had to take a pic.

I tried to get one of Kylie, but she was watching for her friend, so here it is :)

Lastly, this one was taken at home and she had just seen her dadda coming down the street, hence the big smile!


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