Monday, May 6, 2013

Fireman Bubbles

It was time for the school's annual visit from the fire department.  Last year it was Kylie's special day, so I got to be there for the whole deal and it was pretty tough for Kylie.  I asked her teacher if she minded if I hung out for the visit just to see how things went for our girl.  Here they go, lining up to head into the room for the visit from the firemen:

All calm and sitting next to her teacher as they wait for the guys to get started

There he is, all geared up and ready to crawl around and high five the kiddos!  I wasn't able to snap a pic of Kylie, but she sure did give the guy a five!  So huge, because last year she was upset and tried to get away from him.  Big girl!

Love this little guy in Kylie's class, and it looks like the fireman and him are buds!
Okay, so last year I could barely get her to walk around the truck, let alone get in it.  This year she said if I was in the truck that she would get in it too.  Here she is holding hands with her friends as they walk over to the truck.  I just had to laugh when she turned around to give me that, do I really have to do this, because I really don't care to

Some of her friends hopping in the truck

And there she is!

Okay, so it only lasted for like a whole second or two, and then the fireman had to start talking and she remembered where she was and what she was doing. I just want to squeeze her and hold her when she gets all uncomfortable. 

All lined up on the truck for a pic!

We got some bubbles at a birthday party, and they are perfect for some much needed OT for our girl.  She has been getting quite hyper and more sensory seeking, so we are trying to adjust things to her new needs, so she can continue to focus, follow directions, and be more comfortable in her environment. 

Kylie's OT mentioned chewing gum, and some oral motor activities to feed the need when she gets hyperverbal and is talking fast and speaking gibberish. Kids learn with bubble she have to blow softly to get the bubbles to blow out, and that can be calming.  Hooray, fun and therapeutic!


Thursday, May 2, 2013

KC Zoo

Since we got a tease of some nice Spring weather, we decided to head out to the KC Zoo a week or two ago.  We realized we had not taken Kylie there yet, so why not :)  We decided to get a stroller to hold all of our snacks, and so Kylie could ride around in and not get too tired.  As you can see, she was a fan of the stroller!

You will have to click on this pic to get a closer view of it...she is just so darn cute, and getting more comfortable having her picture taken...yay for Kylie!

Aren't they cute!

Me and my mini me

Hooray for putting her head through the cut out and letting me take her pic...another milestone of sorts!

I love this one of her looking over trying to get a glimpse of the sea lions.
There's one!

Pure joy and excitement!

I forget what this animal was, but it was cute watching them eye one another.  He had turned around at one point and Kylie jumped and was pretty cute to see her react that way!

While we were trekking our way through the zoo, we saw the Sky Safari and Kylie said she wanted to go on it.  I have no idea where she gets that from, because I am not a fan of that sort of thing and Matt did it because Kylie wanted to.  Way to go dad for taking on this one, because I wasn't about to go on

It was kind of fun watching them wait in line, I wasn't sure she was going to go through with it, but she is a trooper!

Oops...I got caught spying on them and snapping some pics.

It's almost their turn....

...and they are on it! 
She was so excited and happy to be going up on the big swing.
Looking back to peek at her!
She is so brave, and I'm glad she had the courage to do it, because I still won't go on things like that.

These little guys were kissing through the fence.

I remember how tough it was to get Kylie to sit on one of these animal statues at another zoo we went to.  Now she is relaxed enough to get up there and let you take her picture...way to go Kylie!

Now the anxiety has been passed on to me as she stands up and wants to jump off of it!

Kylie and the giant polar bear statue

These polar bears were pretty cute too!

One more pic with a statue!  Simply amazing to see how far she has you so much Kylie!


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