Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Baby Belly

I am proud to say that I officially have a baby belly now, rather than one that just looks a little thick. I have always thought baby bellies looked so cute on other women, and have recently began enjoying my new look. I am still in awe knowing that this little miniature person is inside of me and we will soon be here for all to see.

Here's one of the first pics of my baby belly. This photo was taken the day before I graduated and is just soo cool for me to see how both the baby and I are growing!

We are both excited to see the upcoming changes and new experiences that are yet to come. I can't wait to feel our little one kick for the first time, and of course we can not wait until we find out the sex of our baby (just 4 more weeks!).

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our First Sonogram

Some things in life do not follow the plans we often tend to create. That is exactly what we realized when we found out that we are having our first baby this November! We were in shock that this awesome event was taking place this year, but also elated that soon we will be parents of a miniature Stump!

We are both realizing that this baby and pregnancy are going much quicker than we ever I said this our first and we really do not know what to expect. We thought to capture our experiences by creating a blog, as a way to keep everyone posted on our journey to parenthood. Now everyone can experience our joy and moments of becoming new parents every step of the way!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Honey, we're having a baby!

I have always looked forward to the day where I could surprise my husband with the news of having our first baby. We had an inkling that the time was near, so we went ahead and purchased a pregancy test. I told Matt that I wanted to wait until after he went to work before I took the test, so I could prepare some way to surprise him if it was positive. I was so anxious that I could not sleep the night before, and snuck ahead and took the test in the morning while he was in the shower. I was shocked when it was positive in less than a minute! I was pretty certain that it had to be true, when the test is expected to take around 5 minutes. I hurried and went back to bed before Matt finished his shower. I so wanted to tell him, but really want to find some creative way to surprise him too! It was quite the challenge for me to contain myself and keep him from suspecting a thing.

As soon as he left for work I jumped in the shower, and was toiling over what I could do to surprise him with the news. I decided just to be certain that this was really happening, that I should take another test. Once again it was positive in less than a minute! I decided that my plan of surprise would be to tie a pink and blue balloon to his vehicle, so he would know that the time has come and we would soon be parents! I had asked the receptionist at the front desk to page Matt and explain that there was an accident in the parking lot, and he needed to go to his truck and speak with the other person involved.

I was in the parking lot across from his vehicle, as my cell phone began to ring. I had not seen Matt just yet, so I did not answer my phone. I wanted to see the reaction on his face before hearing his voice. He had the biggest smile on his face, and it was so cute to see the excitement he had!

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