Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sneak Peak in Nursery Decor

There are a few pieces of decor that we have finished working on for the nursery. I finished her cribskirt for the second time (after changing my mind on the colors, the first one I made did not coordinate nearly as well). We also finished getting a couple things framed that will hang on her walls. Once the crib arrives and we position it just where we want, I will begin painting a few things on her wall(s). Anyhow, I have included a photo of her cribskirt and one of the frames that will be on her wall. Things are all beginning to come together..I can not wait to see how well it all looks when everything is complete!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Baby Status Updates...

Our last apptmt gave us a more definitive answer to the sex of our baby. I was of course hesitant about the answer of us having a girl at our sonogram in late June. The sonographer did not have the best view of the baby, but thought we were having a girl. This was not assurance enough for me, so we asked the doctor if there was a way we could have another peak to determine the sex of our little one. Sure enough, the sonographer was right! We are definitely having a girl!! Whew..was I excited to know that I could continue with the room decor and not have to exchange all of the pink gifts from our baby shower for blue ones. Our doctor did the recheck and said it was the clearest image she had ever seen for determining the sex of a baby.

It was also our last apptmt where I had to take my glucose test. Unfortunately I did not pass, and had to take the 3 hour glucose tolerance test. I struck out on that one as well. What that means is that I apparently have gestational diabetes, and now I have to follow a specific diet where I am counting carbs and I also have to stick myself and check my glucose level 4 times a day! The worst part of it is that I am not allowed to have any desserts until after the baby is here!! Do you have any idea how cruel that is not allow a pregnant woman to have anything sweet? Following along with the diet is not too terrible, it just takes some planning and it will be much easier to follow since my husband is soo great to do it right with me! Just a little over 2 months and I will be ordering up dessert from the maternity unit ;)

Ohio Baby Shower

I am definitely slacking on making current posts to our baby blog. I will say that it is all due to the pregnancy ;)

Our trip to Ohio this July was very exciting, as old friends and family were present to help us celebrate the upcoming arrival of our baby girl! It is amazing how the joyous news of a baby can be so infectious to so many people. Here are some photos that Matt was able to capture of the day of the wonderful baby shower that my family had for us.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Nursery Decor

Okay, so I gave myself way too many choices by choosing an array of colors to use in Kylie's room. I love the fabric that I had chosen before with all of the bright colors, and I had already used it to make her cribskirt. Unfortunately, I was overwhelmed with what color to use for the each item in her room, that I decided I needed to alter things.

Below is a sampling of the new color palette that I will be using in her room. All of these colors are used in a Noah's Ark theme that I found while working at Hallmark. I already have in mind what I will be doing for wall decor and may even paint some sort of mural on her walls as well. I will definitely need to revisit my artistic skills, as I create a beautiful room for our little girl!

Once we have another OB apptmt, we will see if they can confirm that we are indeed having a little girl, so I can get started on a new cribskirt. It will be like a bubble gum pink color with a hot pink ribbon as a trim. The colors in the color palette are still fairly neutral, so I can always modify things if needed.

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