Sunday, December 16, 2012

Purple, Platters, and Piggies

I still need to make up for not posting my Epilepsy Awareness post.  To be honest, I started typing it up and put some pictures in the post and it made me kind of depressed.  Sometimes it's hard to look back at where Kylie has been, and how much she's gone through.  I know it could have been far, far worse than what it was, but nonetheless it was a journey no child or family should go through. 
We did paint Kylie's toes purple for Epilepsy...she loves to have her nails done!
I follow a crafty blog, and the blog host was having a giveaway of these ruffle scarves.  They had three different colors they were giving away.  What do you know...we won the mom/daughter matching set of lilac scarves!  They came in the mail on the 2nd of November, so we got to wear them!
Kylie's school has an event every year called the Tiny Tim Gala...they have a dinner and silent auction, as well as a live auction to raise money for her school and the NICU at the hospital.  It was on Kylie's birthday, and since we felt this may be her last year at the school, we needed to go.  Kylie went to grandma' she is all ready to go inside and see Grandma Nancy!
Grandma Nancy took this pick before we headed to the event.  We've got our purple on for Kylie!
I know they look kinda black, but I had painted my toes purple too!
Here is a pic someone took of us at the event.  We were stalking the table of the items that the kids at Kylie's school had made.  Each class decorates some pottery using their hand prints, footprints, etc.  They are just adorable and quite a keepsake if you can get the highest bid!
We won the platter for Kylie's class!  A sunflower made out of all of their handprints and fingerprints too!
Kylie wanted her picture taken all by herself before we put her to bed.  She loves her Strawberry Shortcake Jammies!
She decided to wear my shoes too :)

Haha, and then she wanted one with me too...this is a first!

My sister send Kylie a box of presents for her birthday.  She warned us that there was lots of confetti...and she was right!  It was actually coming out of the box when it arrived.  So we decided it would be best to open in the garage.  Good thing, just look! Kylie thought it was funny :)

This is such a fun game and great for so many different areas in kiddos it!

For the first to ever, we had a night away with no Kylie. She spent the night at grandma Nancy's.  She was a superstar and did great, and talked grandma into making her pancakes in the morning :)

It has been warmer than usual this time of year, so we were outside playing and Kylie decided we need to play some hopscotch. 

The more we played the better she got at hopping on one foot from one squared to the next...she loves it too!

All smiley about something.  Love that she is wearing the necklace I made at VBS this year...she also wore it to school that  day too!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Catching up with Tinkerbell

Okay, so I am getting behind again, but here's a try at catching up.  Kylie told me she wanted to be Tinkerbell for Halloween, so I started searching for patterns and tutorials online, and this is what I came up with...
Of course, our little Tinkerbell just couldn't be a true Tinker fairy without some shoes, so I made those too...Yay, now I can say I made some shoes...or slippers :)
Just the prettiest little Tinker you ever did see!
Here she is with the Tinkerbell pumpkin I made for her....she loved it!
 Kylie's one school sells pumpkins and we have bought our pumpkins there every year, even before we had our little princess.  Here is a pic I snapped of the photo that was posted outside her classroom after all the kids picked out their pumpkins.  Look there, she had a great big smile too!  (On the far right)

Kylie's class had a little Halloween party too, and here was a cute pic I snapped of all the kids praying before they got their snacks to eat.

All the kids lined up to sing a cute little Halloween song...she did great and smiled too! She sure is getting so big and doing so many new and great things. 

Here is Kylie at her other school and all the kids were smiles for a group picture...look at that grin on our Tinker!

Doing some trick or treating at school

Kylie with one of her friends from school

So I had to pick Kylie up from school early to trick or treat at Matt's work, and no other kids were there yet, because we got there before it started.  Needed to get that nap in so we would have a good night trick or treating :)

Love this little moment!

Me and my Tinkerbell :)

Kylie had school pictures, and we finally got them back.  I always worry how she will do, because this has always been a tough area for her....just having all the attention focused on her for a photo can be too much.  Her school gives us the option to purchase the CD and we can print as we please.  I love that they do this, because they do a handful of pics because they know how tough it can be for some kiddos.    Here is the first pic.  Ughh, just broke my heart to see her anxious body language...poor girl.

There were a couple more to follow the first one, and then we got this one...yay, we got a smile!


This is the best one of all, and we love that she smiled for two pics!  Now we know we need to work on that proper body posture (less anxious) and she will be posing for all her pics! 


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