Monday, April 26, 2010

Classic Kylie Moments

So Kylie is just Amazing and so Sweet. I can never say that enough! I wanted to share so many Kylie moments that make her special to us and that we simply can not get enough of.

For one she absolutely loves the Signing Time dvds that we have been checking out from the library. She knows how to turn on the dvd player and receiver and then immediately signs Yes, because she wants us to do the rest and turn on her movies. Matt says she is skipping the middle man by immediately signing Yes, and not even giving us the chance to ask her if she wants to watch them.

Another tag on the Signing Time dvds, is that I made a list of all the signs that she knows, and I got a little over 60! I'm sure it is more like 70 or even 80. Either way, she is awesome and knows so much! She gets excited when we know what she is signing and she just smiles and lights up. Love it!

Whenever we are out and about Kylie will wave at everyone and say hi. When they see her she gets all coy and sweet! If they don't see her she put her hands up as if to say What happened, why didn't you wave back or say hi....just look how cute I am!.

Every night when Matt gets ready to put her down for bed, I tell her goodnight, sweet dreams, and that I love her. As Matt starts on the stairs he tells her to tell mama goodnight, and she takes out her paci for a second and says mama and then waves to me. I love it so much, and look forward to it every night!

Kylie has learned to smell flowers, so whenever she sees a flower she has to stop and smell it. Even if she sees a flower in a book or magazine, she will put her nose to it and just sniff away. I'm smiling just thinking about it right precious!

Kylie has recently taken a liking to Elmo. She gives kisses to him when she sees him on TV...yes, she walks up to the TV and kisses it! Matt brought her home an Elmo that he had on his desk at work, and there was no separating her from him. She just squeezed him and gave him lots of kisses!

Kylie loves to sit in Matt's truck with her Kindermusik cds playing and pushing all the buttons she can find. She will walk up to Matt's truck when it is outside, and starting signing yes...once again, avoiding the middle man...yes, I want to drive dada's truck. I love the smile in this pic! It is so hard for us to get good pics of her smiling and sitting still.

We have a tent with a connecting tunnel set up for Kylie in the living room. She likes to take her breakfast in there sometimes and just go sit in there. She also likes to use it as her hiding spot when she sees me getting things together to change her diaper. She will run up the stairs and go hide in her tent when I tell her that we need to change her diaper. She is so silly. This is a pic of her playing in her tent with Matt.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Summer Sun

When Kylie had her minor ear infection a couple weeks ago, the doc told us that the meds would make her sensitive to the sun. Great...just when it is finally nice and sunny out, we would have to hide from the nice weather.

It only took one day of being inside and going to the play area in the mall for me to decide that 9 more days of her on the meds would not be fun. With that said, I was ready to make her a sun hat to help protect her face from the sun.

Since I have minimal sewing skills, and only sew things that are straight or square (curtains, and pillowcases), I asked Matt's grandma for help. With her assistance I came up with this:

The pattern showed that the hat I made would be plenty big for Kylie...not so much. It was actually too small. Ugghh...all that work and still no hat for Kylie. I did however give the hat to some friends of our with a beautiful little about that, a hat fresh from the factory :)

My second attempt at the hat went much smoother since I had the one off to base it off of. This time I wanted to make it reversible. Holy cow, much more tricky. Once again, Matt's grandma was so kind to help me out and assure that it would turn out just right.

Here is the end result. Kylie typically doesn't like things on her head, but she will point to her hat or sign hat, so that I can put it on her head. It is so cute to see her wear it around the house and outside.

This one is my absolute favorite pic of Kylie with her hat on.

An extra special thank you to Grandma Felder for helping me broaden my sewing abilities! There is no way I could have done it alone. I would have just given up and went and bought one. Not anymore though :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Looking back...moving forward

It is amazing how much has happened with our little family in the past year. Almost as amazing as how fast it has gone by.

Just the other day, April 14th, marked one year ago that I first saw Kylie doing something that made me think something is definitely going on...something we need to look into....something much more serious than we could have ever fathomed...something that quickly turned our lives upside down.

On this day, April 17th, marks the day that we received Kylie's devastating diagnosis of Infantile Spasms. Here's a look back at when we first got the news. I have looked back at these old posts a few times, and we have really come so far as a family. We didn't do it alone...He was there with us every step, and we leaned into Him as He carried us all through. He is so very Amazing, more than we had ever known.

I was trying to compile a bunch of photos from the past year, and it was much tougher than I thought it would be. Seeing so many pics of Kylie and her inflated cheeks from the meds, and how her face broke out so much...I know that is all so superficial, and we never saw her that way...she was still so happy, so much our little girl. It is just hard because it takes you back to where we were, and all that our precious little girl went through. She missed out on so many things, and we lost time with our princess as the meds took parts of her away from us at times.

She is truly an Amazing little girl and I can never say enough how blessed we are that He chose us as her parents. We are truly the lucky ones here :) She blows us away all the time with how great she has done, how smart she is, how silly she can be, how strong she is, and how beautiful she is. There isn't anything we wouldn't do for her. She is everything to us, and she is our little miracle!

I feel like this is so much more I need to say or should say, but it's kinda hard to feel much more right now, as we reflect on the past year. Bottom line is pretty simple, we have an Awesome little girl and she never ceases to amaze us. Words can not really describe how much love we have for her and how proud we are of all that she has overcome.

Onto the slideshow. Below you will find a slideshow of pictures from the past year and I found such a beautiful song to go with it. It's called Amazing, and it is so very true. I just put pics from April 2009 to December 2009. I figured 2010 is a new year and new beginning for us all, and we are doing all we can to move forward and embrace every moment.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Peter Cottontail

Okay, so I am a bit behind with this post. We got some video when we did our own little Easter egg hunt with Kylie in the front yard. She quickly got the hang of finding the eggs and putting them in her basket. It was super cute. Don't you just love the dress and little sandals! Courtesy of Great Grandma Felder and Grandma Bunn. She just looked like a princess for sure. Though we did have to take her shoes off, because she was a bit wobbly in the grass...still fun and sweet!

Anyhow, enjoy the pics and video.

Smelling the flowers we got for Grandma Bunn for Easter

Doing the sign for flower

Yay! We captured a this pic!

Kylie and Me

I just think this is so sweet...her hair and dress blowing in the wind.

Kylie and Matt

She looks so deep in thought. Sweet baby girl!

She looks a bit like Pebbles with the little sprout on her head.

Another cute pic :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yackety Yack

Yay! Kylie has a couple more words!!! For one, I know I posted that she said mama just a couple days before Easter. It was this past Thursday, April 8th that she said it again. I was getting her out of her crib in the morning and she took her paci out and said mama! Of course, I then squeeze her and tell her how much I love hearing her say mama.

Oh, I don't think I mentioned this before, but on Wednesday, March 18th, Kylie was saying ba every time we would go in the garage to go outside. You see, we have a tub with balls in it, and she knows that's where they are and loves to throw them all out of it. Since she started making the ba sound so much, we were trying to reinforce it by stressing other things with that same sound. She will say ba when she signs for her bubba, and when she sees a little boat that we have on the wall. Also, so loves bubbles and we have a container of them downstairs and she will point to them and say ba for her bubbles.

I am not certain what day she said this next word, it was around the beginning of the week. Okay, so we have this new book for Kylie. Felicia (Matt's boss) got it for Kylie and it is felt and has little animals and things to stick to the pages. Super cute. On the last page of the book is an owl in the tree. She pointed to it and I told her it was an owl and that it goes hooo, hooo. She then goes ooow. When I ask her what an owl says she just looks at me like I'm nuts, so I make the sound first and then she does.

So now for the latest words she has. I took her to the doctor on Thursday, April 8th for some little bumps on her ears...come to find out it was sunburn. I felt so bad, because I know I put sunscreen on her ears when she is outside, but I guess I need to put more on. Anyhow, while we were in the waiting room she was waving to the other kids and parents. I told her to tell them hi, and she said yi. It was too cute! Sometimes it comes out like yi and other times it is more like i. She usually says it pretty softly and then turns up the volume.

Now the more exciting word that she said just yesterday. She said dada, but it comes out more like dih dih. The more she says it the more clear it gets, but it is super cute to hear her little voice. Matt was definitely excited to hear her call him dada..I mean dih dih.

So let's see she says up, ba (for ball, bubbles, boat, and bubba), mama, owl, hi, dada.

This is just so much fun hearing her talk and seeing the excitement on her face when she gets it right and then when we know what she is saying. We need to work on getting her little voice on video, and we will be sure to post them once we get them.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Purple Power!

We were so happy to see those who wore purple in support of Kylie and all others that have been afflicted with epilepsy.

A group of us at Matt's work. Nikki, Dave, Bobbie, Kylie, Me, Dylan, Felicia, Matt, and Greg.

Kylie and Matt

My friend Celina, down in Florida. She was at Disney with her family, but made time to stop and take this pic for Kylie.

Bobbie, Dylan, Me, and Kylie

My friend Jen, sporting some purple at work for Kylie.

Our friend Monica (back row, 1st person from left) and a bunch of her co-workers. I cried when I got the pic, after I saw how many people wore purple for Kylie.

Some of Matt's co-workers. Colter, Greg, Dave, Matt, Anna, Felicia, and Bobbie.

Kylie and Me. See the purple necklace in her hand. She got it at the doctor's office that day. It's as if they knew purple was her color.

Thank you again to everyone who wore purple for Kylie and all others with epilepsy! It was so great to see the love and support for our princess. If you have a pic and haven't sent it to me yet, just know you still can and I will add it to the blog.

For more information about Purple Day and the young lady that got it all together, click here.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hoppy Easter

Just wanted to wish you all a Hoppy Easter today! Here is a little slideshow of the pics we got of Kylie this morning. You will see in a few pics she has some yummy flavored chapstick and she is trying to apply it. She loves when we put some on her, so I knew she would be excited to see that the Easter Bunny brought her some. She has had at least one tube of it in her hand since she discovered it....and there is no getting it away from her either :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kylie's gallery of quilts

Okay, so I was trying to remember if I put these pics on before and I'm not sure that I did. Sorry, I have good intentions about doing these things, but then they leave me and I can't recall what did or didn't get done.

Anyhow, Kylie has 3 other quilts too! She definitely has a few labors of love from her Grandma Bunn and Great-Grandma Felder.

The one below is from her Great-Grandma Felder and was given to us shortly after she was born.

This one was made by her Grandma Bunn and was often used for play time when she was learning to crawl and sit up.

This last one was also made by her Grandma Bunn and was given to her for her first birthday. As you can see it is a birthday quilt and in the blocks beside the numbers is where I will write in memories from her birthdays. I know, I still need to record those from her first birthday. I figure as long as I do it before she turns two I will be good :)

I'm not sure how posting these pics got away from me, but they are here now for you all to enjoy!

More keepsakes to treasure for a lifetime

Yesterday was a day filled of happy tears for me. While we were visiting Great-Grandma Felder, she had a giant bag of Easter treats for Kylie. There was a cute little bunny that Kylie clutched onto and hugged and carried around. I love to watch her squeeze and cuddle with her little stuffed is so precious!

There were lots of other fun treats in the bag, but one of the gifts was extra special... a quilt that her Great-Grandma made for her. Her Great-Grandma Felder is a quilter and does an amazing job with everything she makes. It meant a lot to me to see all of that hard work go into the quilt..all for Kylie. She is just so loved and means so much to all of us.

The quilt she made for Kylie was made with feedsack patterns and it is just so perfect. The pattern she got was called Sweetie Pie, and she said it was for a Cutie Pie! It is something that Kylie will always have as she grows up and I'm sure she will take it everywhere.

Here are some pics we got of the quilt when we got home.

Tears of joy for Mama

Okay, so yesterday while we were visiting Kylie's Great-Grandma Felder, Kylie did something that brought me to tears....happy tears.

Yesterday, April 2, 2010 marks the first day that Kylie called me Mama! She has said mama before, but she was just imitating the sounds, but never meaning to say it or referring to me.

When Great-Grandma Felder went in the kitchen to get some yummy apple brownies that she made, Kylie looked at me and said Mama to get my attention to show me something. I'm sure I had that look on my face that said...wait, what did you just say. Matt had that look too, and we both looked at each other when we heard her say it. Then she said it again, and we knew for certain she was calling me Mama!

She hasn't said it since, but hearing her utter my name for the first time was so precious and just something that I will forever cherish. I still get excited every time I hear her say up (her first word). I love the sound of her little voice, and can't wait to hear more.

Here is a pic of the face that just melted my heart and turned me into a puddle of tears.


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