Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Peter Cottontail

Okay, so I am a bit behind with this post. We got some video when we did our own little Easter egg hunt with Kylie in the front yard. She quickly got the hang of finding the eggs and putting them in her basket. It was super cute. Don't you just love the dress and little sandals! Courtesy of Great Grandma Felder and Grandma Bunn. She just looked like a princess for sure. Though we did have to take her shoes off, because she was a bit wobbly in the grass...still fun and sweet!

Anyhow, enjoy the pics and video.

Smelling the flowers we got for Grandma Bunn for Easter

Doing the sign for flower

Yay! We captured a smile...love this pic!

Kylie and Me

I just think this is so sweet...her hair and dress blowing in the wind.

Kylie and Matt

She looks so deep in thought. Sweet baby girl!

She looks a bit like Pebbles with the little sprout on her head.

Another cute pic :)


baby trevor's mommy said...

OMgosh...I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that dress! She's beautiful! You're beautiful! *sigh* LOVE this! Thank you for the smile...


MJStump said...

your comment alone made me smile...and cry a little.

these last few days have been tough on matt and i. tomorrow's post will reveal why.

love u guys!


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