Thursday, April 22, 2010

Summer Sun

When Kylie had her minor ear infection a couple weeks ago, the doc told us that the meds would make her sensitive to the sun. Great...just when it is finally nice and sunny out, we would have to hide from the nice weather.

It only took one day of being inside and going to the play area in the mall for me to decide that 9 more days of her on the meds would not be fun. With that said, I was ready to make her a sun hat to help protect her face from the sun.

Since I have minimal sewing skills, and only sew things that are straight or square (curtains, and pillowcases), I asked Matt's grandma for help. With her assistance I came up with this:

The pattern showed that the hat I made would be plenty big for Kylie...not so much. It was actually too small. Ugghh...all that work and still no hat for Kylie. I did however give the hat to some friends of our with a beautiful little about that, a hat fresh from the factory :)

My second attempt at the hat went much smoother since I had the one off to base it off of. This time I wanted to make it reversible. Holy cow, much more tricky. Once again, Matt's grandma was so kind to help me out and assure that it would turn out just right.

Here is the end result. Kylie typically doesn't like things on her head, but she will point to her hat or sign hat, so that I can put it on her head. It is so cute to see her wear it around the house and outside.

This one is my absolute favorite pic of Kylie with her hat on.

An extra special thank you to Grandma Felder for helping me broaden my sewing abilities! There is no way I could have done it alone. I would have just given up and went and bought one. Not anymore though :)


another mama said...

You need to sell those. How adorable.

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

That hat is so adorable. I am jealous of your sewing minimal as they may be ;) One of these days, I want to take lessons.

MJStump said...

So glad you ladies like the hat! Who knows, I may get brave and try to make something else she can wear :)

baby trevor's mommy said...

wicked cute!



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