Sunday, October 31, 2010

Yabba Dabba Boo!

Okay, so we haven't gone trick or treating yet today, but we have done lots of fun stuff this week and I just had to share before the night was over!

After today, Kylie will have worn her costume on 5 different days, for 6 different events. You would think she would have learned to like it by now, right? Not so much, I have to tell her that she is going to get a treat or surprise each time she puts it on. I'm not totally proud of using bribery on my little girl, but it's worked so far :) Honestly, the treats or surprises end up being where we are going or who we will see, so it's not so terrible of me.

So here is the first of many cute pics that were taken of Kylie in her Pebbles costume this week (yep, I made it for just $2.33!)

This was at her Halloween Party in her Kindermusik class. Dadda surprised her and joined us that morning, and she loved it!

Looking back to smile at us during the story time....she did wonderful!

She was really excited to share with her teacher all the pictures she saw in the book...amazing!

Showing her teacher one of the fun treats she got from one of her classmates! She rarely interacts with her teacher like this, and it was just beautiful to see!

Inspecting a yummy treat!

At home after her party

One of the little pumpkins her grandma got her...she has to visit them every day :)

Two pumpkins!

In deep thought

Silly face

Another cute face!

Thursday was trick-or-treat at Applebees, where Matt works, so we headed up there in the afternoon. Matt snapped a quick pick before Kylie hopped off my lap.

Once she figured out how things worked, she just kept taking more and more candy to fill up her bucket. And each time she saw someone else come by, she would get more.

Pebbles and Bam Bam together! Don't they look so cute together. I was really excited when Dylan's mom said it was okay for me to make his costume so they could be a little couple!

Don't you just love those baby blues on Bam Bam!

Dylan's cousin Ella came up with him, and she was such an adorable little penguin!

The look on her face is as though she just got caught doing something she shouldn't be doing.

Okay, so this was some full on bribery in this pic. We told Kylie if she sat on the steps that we would give her some candy. That is why she is "signing" candy in this pic.

Since we really wanted to get a pic of Kylie next to Dylan, we asked her if she could share her candy with Dylan. As you can see here, she is not only sharing her candy, she is trying to feed it to

What a cute pair!

Dylan and Ella

Matt being silly

Kylie having fun with her dadda

Dylan as "Bam Bam" with his club in hand

Kylie sharing more candy with Dylan. The ghost sucker looks kinda eerie floating as she kind of tossing it to Dylan. Yes, this was another sad attempt at trying to get them close together for a pic.

Kylie eagerly looking in the bag of treats that her Aunt Felicia got for her.

Kylie loved all the fun Elmo treats that were in the bag for her!

Kylie sweet talked Felicia into helping her open a candy bar, so she could eat it.

On Friday afternoon, we went to see Matt's mom at her work and do some trick-or-treating there. So we forgot the camera, but I did get a couple pics from my cell phone, and I will upload them with the next post, along with whatever pics we get tonight.
Yesterday was "Trunks for Treats" at our church. I joined the fellowship team, and was able to help out with the planning for the event. That entailed more work than I realized, but it was really fun to be a part of something that so many other little ones could enjoy.

Here is Kylie decorating a pumpkin in the toddler area that I was in charge of. You will notice all the pieces are on the floor behind her, because she loves to dump everything :)

Kylie resetting the ghosts (pins) for some a game of ghostbusters (bowling).

A pic that Matt snapped of Kylie and I.

There was a bounce house for little kids, so Kylie had a ball in there! I think she could bounce forever!

Matt dancing around the circle in the Treat Walk with Kylie. I made 12 dozen cookies for this game to put in treat bags.

I got some cotton candy to share with Kylie. I figured she wouldn't like it, because we had tried this once before. She didn't want anything to do with it, but she did decide that she wanted to hold it. She did try to put her mouth on it, but she caught me watching her and then she made a face and gave it back to close!

Okay, so I had to sneak in a pic of some of the signs I made for the event :)

Aunt Felicia had some gel window cling-ons in Kylie's treat bag, and Kylie absolutely Loved playing with them! It was an added bonus, because the gel ones are kind of wet-like so it was some sensory therapy too!

She loves giving the cat kisses

& hugs!

More kisses!

So you may recall the Flintstone car that Kylie got to drive when we were in Ohio. Guess what showed up in a giant box this past Monday! Kylie remembered where it came from, because her memory is like a steel trap...seriously, she remembers everything! She instantly said Papa and Grandma when she saw it. They also filled the rest of the box up with lots of goodies, and that will also be in the next post.

Here is a pic of her in it in the garage. She hops in it every time we go to leave the house. She thinks it is a game, and laughs every time I take her out of it and get her in the car.

Yay...I got one of her smiling!

This was funny....the steering wheel came off and I just love her face. No worries, Matt got it all fixed and ready for her to drive around for trick-or-treat tonight.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reaching for the stars

Yesterday was a HUGE day for Kylie!

She was amazing at Kindermusik yesterday, which had me near tears during her class. I was so proud of her, and being able to watch her be a part of something that brought her smiles and joy was just incredible!

Last week she only screamed once, and that because I was trying to get her to participate. This week was just unbelievable!

Kylie not only stayed either on my lap or next to me nearly all of the time, but she participated so much!

*she got the toys for each song when prompted to do so, and put them away too
*she played the instrument when it was her turn
*she sat right up front when they read through the picture book and pointed out and said what she saw
*she got the blanket she likes best for quiet time
*she went up to the teacher to get a stamp when class was over

These are all things she had not done on her own since class started, so seeing all of this in the same day was AWESOME!

Now my car not starting when class was over was not so great, but it didn't matter at the time because I was still on cloud nine with how great Kylie did.

We are so excited to see how quickly Kylie has responded to our SticKids therapy. We have only been doing it for less than 2 wks and have already seen some great improvement! Hooray for Kylie!!


I have been wondering where I put Kylie's fingerpaints for quite some time now, and I finally went on a mission to find them. I got things set up in the garage, and Kylie was excited to paint.

When she got some on her hands, she wiped it on her pants and didn't get so upset. She loved dipping the sponge brushes and wooden sticks into the paint and then smearing it around.

Deep in thought as she creates her masterpiece

When used up all her paint, so I gave her more and then ran in to check on dinner. I was excited about what I may find when I came back. No she wasn't covered in paint, which would have been cute. She thought the garage floor was lacking something, so she added some flair to it :)


Kylie isn't so fond of letting me do her hair, so I usually have to distract with something to get it done, or tell her where we may be going and that if she lets me do her hair that we will go do such and such.

This evening I thought I would try out some different clips and bows in her hair. The surprise to me was that she was okay with it. She even picked out different bows and things for me to try in her hair, and then smiled all cheesy when she saw herself in the mirror.

I began to think that I just may be able to get all of her hair back in pigtails...look how cute it is!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Pot Pourri

A guest post by Dadda Stump - full of randomness...

Over the last couple of weeks, Kylie has become a little sneaky-snake when it comes to food, especially cereal. Her favorite is the generic Honeycomb made by Hy-Vee - I'm not even sure what they call it. I know that Kylie calls it "yewoah" for the yellow box and the color of the cereal itself. As for the sneakyness, when mommy and daddy aren't paying attention, she'll get in the pantry and pull the bag out of the box. Then she'll slither into the living room, hop up on the couch and get her fill of the yummy cereal. Typically this is in the evening when it's pitch dark in there, so she's really being stealthy. It's cute.

I think Jody mentioned in the previous post that she's growing like a weed. She's now tall enough to turn light switches on...but not quite big enough to turn them off. Right now you can follow her around the house based on the trail of lights that are on!

Lastly, but certainly not least, is her "uniform". When we were last in Ohio, Grandpa B got Kylie her very own Ohio State cheerleading outfit. We put Kylie in it because we were going over to our neighbor's for dinner during the Wisconsin vs. Ohio State football game on Saturday night. Neither of the neighbors are Buckeye fans...he's from Wisconsin (and a big Badger fan), while she's a Michigan fan (OSU's bitter rival). They almost didn't let us in when they saw what was on the front of Kylie's uniform! However, when they saw how utterly adorable Kylie was, they decided to invite us in :-).

Unfortunately, Kylie's beloved Buckeye's didn't fare too well. I don't think she noticed!

Here are a couple pics just after we got her dressed. Needless to say, she was excited!


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