Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Pot Pourri

A guest post by Dadda Stump - full of randomness...

Over the last couple of weeks, Kylie has become a little sneaky-snake when it comes to food, especially cereal. Her favorite is the generic Honeycomb made by Hy-Vee - I'm not even sure what they call it. I know that Kylie calls it "yewoah" for the yellow box and the color of the cereal itself. As for the sneakyness, when mommy and daddy aren't paying attention, she'll get in the pantry and pull the bag out of the box. Then she'll slither into the living room, hop up on the couch and get her fill of the yummy cereal. Typically this is in the evening when it's pitch dark in there, so she's really being stealthy. It's cute.

I think Jody mentioned in the previous post that she's growing like a weed. She's now tall enough to turn light switches on...but not quite big enough to turn them off. Right now you can follow her around the house based on the trail of lights that are on!

Lastly, but certainly not least, is her "uniform". When we were last in Ohio, Grandpa B got Kylie her very own Ohio State cheerleading outfit. We put Kylie in it because we were going over to our neighbor's for dinner during the Wisconsin vs. Ohio State football game on Saturday night. Neither of the neighbors are Buckeye fans...he's from Wisconsin (and a big Badger fan), while she's a Michigan fan (OSU's bitter rival). They almost didn't let us in when they saw what was on the front of Kylie's uniform! However, when they saw how utterly adorable Kylie was, they decided to invite us in :-).

Unfortunately, Kylie's beloved Buckeye's didn't fare too well. I don't think she noticed!

Here are a couple pics just after we got her dressed. Needless to say, she was excited!


ch said...

HEY! Crazy coincidence! LC's a huge buckeye fan, too!!!! So, if Kylie ever needs a spotter who's about 5 inches shorter than herself...let us know!

MJStump said...

Sounds like a plan! I bet the Buckeyes don't even realize they have such cute fans!

happy's mommy said...

Super cute!

And love that daddy took a turn at the blog wheel!



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