Monday, October 11, 2010

Lots of pics, and sweet moments, and more!

I am long overdue for posting pics and all sorts of randomness. Sorry, I have been crafting and reading books, and lots of new things :)

I realized that some of the pics I had been meaning to post were from September, and since we are almost halfway through October, I needed to catch up. So here goes!

We had went to a Kids Fest deal sometime in August or maybe in the beginning of September, and lots of vendors had pipe cleaners and beads for kids to string on them. Kylie was having a hard time with it, but I kept it in mind as something to do with her down the road.

While organizing all of my craft stuff, I came across some pipe cleaners and beads, and thought I would give it a try. Kylie proceeded to throw the beads across the table when she got frustrated, so we put them aside. The next day or so, she was real quite when I was working on lunch or something. I went to investigate and found this:

She was working so hard to get the beads on, and doing her best to work through it and not yell in frustration. Way to go Kylie!

A look at her handy work amongst all the beads.

So that same morning, she was all excited dancing around and having loads of fun, silly moments. Of course I had to capture them with some pics:

Love this one!

Kylie has a coloring book that had a sheet of stickers in it, and on this particular evening before bath time, she decided to put them on herself.

As we all know, Kylie LOVES animals, so we were super excited to get an Evite from Infant Toddler Services, to say that they were having a family fun event at Deanna Rose for children that receive their services.
Just look at all the fun and cute pics we captured that day! Oh, and the newsletter that they send to us via email had a snapshot of Kylie in it!

On our last night in Ohio with my family, my mom had bought this Koosh ball thing for Kylie. She likes to either grab the little handle on it or one of the spikey things on it and shake it like crazy. Here you can see how proud she was when she was shaking it all around.

Here is her all smiley as she was giggling and telling me how she just bonked herself in the head with it.

Don't you just love when little kids look so grown up, and they are doing big kid things! Like Kylie laying on her belly with a bowl of cereal and watching TV.

Following her bowl of cereal, we told Kylie that we had to get going because we had a surprise for her. I started doing this recently and telling her that she would be getting surprises. She has gotten to the point now, where she tries to guess what the surprise is based on past surprises (visiting daddy at work, going to the park, etc).
Okay, so back to the surprise that day. We went to a local nursery where they were having a fall event for kids. They had animals, refreshments, pumpkins to decorate and just lots of fun. The best part is Kylie got to see her friend there, and that made her really happy. Take a look at the slideshow of pics we got from our day there.

Just a few days ago, Kylie and I were playing outside and she wanted to draw with her chalk. I told her that I was going to draw her a picture and that she needed to help me with it. I would give her two color choices for each thing I was going to draw, and she would choose which one she wanted me to use. Here is the end result:

Now here are a few pics of Kylie during and then after we finished drawing with our chalk.

Just look at those Goldilocks of hers! It is really growing more, and I love how it's kinda curly in the back!

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Rochelle said...

Loads of sweet moments. Love them all, she is so adorable.


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