Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Kylie Headwrap

So you must be wondering what the title of this post is all about, so I will tell you :) It all started when I searched on Etsy for a headband to cover my ears to keep them protected them from the crazy winds we have here in Kansas. I found the cutest ones, and that was just the beginning!

You see I contacted the seller for a custom order, and she was so incredibly sweet making sure I got exactly what I wanted. In addition to that, Heidi even chatted with me a bit back and forth. You know how when you meet someone or in this case, email, that you just get that feeling that they have a really kind soul? Well, that was the case with my little conversations with Heidi :)

With that said, I shared with her my trials of trying to learn how to knit and how much I like to sew. I even sent her a link to our blog. This is just a snippet of her response after looking through our blog:

I have to tell you I LOVE your blog! I have to say I was very moved and nearly brought to tears.. I couldn't help but smile! Your lil angel is beautiful! And it is written ALL over your blog how MUCH she is loved by you and your husband! It is a beautiful story!!!

It made me smile so much to read this...actually, I am smiling again as I read here :) But it was this next part, that really moved me to tears:

I actually just a few weeks ago completed a purple headwrap (the one with the buttons in the front) that I have been meaning to list and just haven't had the time, and this may sound SO cheesy to you.. but I would like to name it after Kylie. Something like "The Kylie Headwrap - Help Fight Epilepsy". And then for every headwrap that I sell, of this particular listing (color and style), I would like to donate $2.00 to the Epilepsy Foundation.

We just know our little girl is a miracle, and with that we can't help but feel that she will do great things and that God's plans for her are greater than we could ever imagine. So seeing this response, to what started out with me searching for a headband, was just unexpected and very heartwarming. It is through Kylie, our story, and this blog that made a path for us to connect to's almost overwhelming in some way to see how our little girl can touch the hearts of so many.

While Kylie was supposed to be napping today...not so much, because she was singing, and going in and out her closet finding more books to read, and just treasure hunting, and then knocking on her door for me to come so she could show me what she found....a package had arrived!

It was my order from Heidi at Hill n Trees! I absolutely love my headband! I just button it underneath, which really is nice so I don't have to pull it on over my's all in the details :)

You will love this cute 3 strand headband for Kylie...loving the purpleness of it too! She was so excited when I got her out of her room...after not so naptime was show her what came in the mail.

Of course I have pics of Kylie wearing it, because I love to take pics of her, and especially when she is wearing something so incredibly cute!

I am certain we will be seeing more of these headbands in our future...for the both of us!

I really loved the business cards too...from the hand created heart to the scripture on the back...just something I wanted to share with all of you guys. When you find something great, you just want to tell everyone you know about here it is :)

Click here and it will take you directly to Heidi's Etsy site (Hill N Trees), or click on the tab on the blog page and it will take you to The Kylie Headwrap.

As as added incentive, anyone who purchases one of The Kylie Headwraps will have a chance to win a 3 strand headband with flower like the one Kylie is wearing. I will contact Heidi, and find out who has ordered them and then a winner will be selected...yay! So get ordering to purchase your Kylie Headwrap, and spread the word about Epilepsy!

Deadline to order your Kylie Headwrap and be entered in the giveaway ends March 5th, 2012 at midnight.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Celebrating Kylie Continues

I wanted Kylie to have a great birthday, so that we did! She usually has OT on Fridays, but her OT could not be there, so we made a full day of celebrating Kylie :)
First off, we went to IHOP for breakfast, who doesn't love chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. She insisted on getting fruit and sausage too...I know a ton of food for such a little girl...she only had a few bites of each and was done.

Did you know that they give you a scoop of ice cream at IHOP on your birthday! Even early in the morning too :) Once it started to melt, I told Kylie to just use her straw to drink a milkshake. She thought this was a great idea!

I'm not sure why, but I didn't take pics when we met Matt for lunch at ChickFila...and yes, more ice cream there too!

We had planned to have Kylie give up the paci when she turned 3. We tried the week before, and let's just say it was not good...oh, not good at all. A friend suggested taking her to Build A Bear, and letting her pick out a friend to make and putting the paci inside. So she gets a new friend to take to bed, and her paci is still close by.

She loved it...not so much the attention and one on one with the sales associate, but was very excited to pick out some clothes and what animal she wanted to make.

Hmm...decisions, decisions.

There you have it...a cat, just like one that Grandma Nancy has, and his name is Dudley...remember that for later in the post.

Not so sure about stepping on the pedal to get him stuffed, so Dadda helped.

Getting her cat all ready to get his bath...she even stepped on the pedal too...much more fun when no one is watching.

Getting a birth certificate for her cat...

All done and ready to leave the mall

Kylie said she wanted to go to Cheddars for dinner, so she could get some worms...aka onion rings. She loves them! Just look at the giant stack they give you!

And of course, more ice cream!

At home getting ready for bed, and so excited to have her new cat!

Aww...getting him all set up to hang out for just a bit before bedtime.

So blogger keeps making my pic go sideways, and I can not get it Anyhow, it is the birth certificate for her cat from Build a Bear. His name is Dugley...remember, her granmda has a cat named Dudley...but when she first started saying his always sounded like Dug-ley. So there you have it!

Yep, reading books in her closet with Dadda and Dugley.

Just a day after her birthday, we got to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live! I entered a pic of Kylie in her halloween costume, and we were one of two lucky winners...amazing, I know! She missed her nap to go, and I will add that it was quite loud at the crazy loud for a kid's show, and she was not so happy with all the noise. By the time the show was nearly over...she was enjoying it more. Here is a pic of her in a shirt I made for her to wear...such a cute little pic of her...almost looks like she was posing :)

Playing with the toys she picked out at Toys r Us with the gift card her Aunt Jen sent her. Loves the shopping cart and cash register!

Here is a little video of Kylie at school on her special Day where we got to celebrate her birthday. It was snack time and everyone sang happy birthday to her. She is just so cute, and more so with her crown being a bit big on her too. Love you Kylie...3 yrs, wow!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fairy Kylie

We had a Tinkerbell party for Kylie for her 3rd birthday, and she loved it! We had her party a week or two early, just so we could have it outside....afterall, Tinkerbell is a fairy and fairies lives outside :) Problem is, it was soooo windy out at the park we had it at :( So some of my pics below were taken at home, a couple days after the party. Oh well, she enjoyed it!

Here is the sign I made for her party, and some garland.

These are some of the tissue paper flowers I made.

Water bottles with Tinkerbell and some of her fairy friends.

Tinker cupcakes. We had purple ones too...and because of the cold, they turned weird!

Beads to make necklaces or bracelets...too bad it was too windy to put them out.

I had supplies for the boys to make pirate hats...too windy again. But they did get to have their swords.

One of the little girls wearing the wings I had for the girls at the party.

Boys can be fairies too!

Some of the kids eating their food.

Ahh...once again, too windy so we had to leave the cupcakes in the packages from the bakery. I did have some white boxes to display the cupcakes on and tissue paper flower petals to decorate time, right :)

You can see she was starting to get a bit uncomfortable with the attention of us all singing...trying to hide :)

Trying to keep the candle lit and getting Kylie to blow it out.


Love this pic of all the kids lined up enjoying their cupcakes. So cute to see and hear how still they can be when a yummy treat is involved!

Looks like someone is enjoying the party!

Opening her presents...oh what fun!

I love this look of pure surprise on her face!

Frandma showing Kylie the fabric doll book she made is so cute!

Playing with her Snow White doll at home after the how she hugged her and gave her kisses!

So cute and happy when we were at home talking about her party and all her friends that came to celebrate!

Wearing some new Tinkerbell jammies the night of her party, and the cutest scarf that she received as a gift!

Playing with her paper doll book...I love it so much! You can travel with it and mommy can play when Kylie sleeps :)

Even though it was a windy day, Kylie had a great time with her friends and everyone that helped out with her party! Thank you all for helping us celebrate another great year of Kylie :)

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