Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fairy Kylie

We had a Tinkerbell party for Kylie for her 3rd birthday, and she loved it! We had her party a week or two early, just so we could have it outside....afterall, Tinkerbell is a fairy and fairies lives outside :) Problem is, it was soooo windy out at the park we had it at :( So some of my pics below were taken at home, a couple days after the party. Oh well, she enjoyed it!

Here is the sign I made for her party, and some garland.

These are some of the tissue paper flowers I made.

Water bottles with Tinkerbell and some of her fairy friends.

Tinker cupcakes. We had purple ones too...and because of the cold, they turned weird!

Beads to make necklaces or bracelets...too bad it was too windy to put them out.

I had supplies for the boys to make pirate hats...too windy again. But they did get to have their swords.

One of the little girls wearing the wings I had for the girls at the party.

Boys can be fairies too!

Some of the kids eating their food.

Ahh...once again, too windy so we had to leave the cupcakes in the packages from the bakery. I did have some white boxes to display the cupcakes on and tissue paper flower petals to decorate time, right :)

You can see she was starting to get a bit uncomfortable with the attention of us all singing...trying to hide :)

Trying to keep the candle lit and getting Kylie to blow it out.


Love this pic of all the kids lined up enjoying their cupcakes. So cute to see and hear how still they can be when a yummy treat is involved!

Looks like someone is enjoying the party!

Opening her presents...oh what fun!

I love this look of pure surprise on her face!

Frandma showing Kylie the fabric doll book she made is so cute!

Playing with her Snow White doll at home after the how she hugged her and gave her kisses!

So cute and happy when we were at home talking about her party and all her friends that came to celebrate!

Wearing some new Tinkerbell jammies the night of her party, and the cutest scarf that she received as a gift!

Playing with her paper doll book...I love it so much! You can travel with it and mommy can play when Kylie sleeps :)

Even though it was a windy day, Kylie had a great time with her friends and everyone that helped out with her party! Thank you all for helping us celebrate another great year of Kylie :)


Rochelle said...

Super cute party!

MJStump said...

Thanks so much...I love doing it all for Kylie!


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