Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ohio....and the beat goes on

So I too over 400 pics while we were in Ohio, which totally explains why I am still posting about our trip :)

Now, I don't know how well this pic shows it, but I had fallen asleep on the couch or something, and my mom found Kylie in the master bath putting on some lotion. It wasn't just lotion, it was some lotion that kind of shimmers. She had put it on her face, so she was a bit sparkly on her cheeks.

My sister had come over to visit with Kylie, and I was able to capture some cute pics of them playing together.

Aunt Jen trying to get Kylie...Kylie is getting ready to take off, and already giggling!

Looks like Aunt Jen got Kylie!

I did some editing with this one, and I love it!

I don't know where Kylie found them, but she had a bag of chalk and was ready to decorate Grandma Karen and Papa Joe's driveway.

Kylie got Uncle Joey to help :)

Isn't this so cute?!

Uncle Joey getting her smile!

Racing Uncle Joey...they did this time and time again...really cute!

Uh oh....looks like Uncle Joey and Kylie have a case of the giggles :)

While we were in Ohio we were able to see the annual 4th of July parade in McDonald and go to the festival too. We actually planned our visit, so that we would be there when this was all going on. Kylie's follow-up with Dr. Ghosh was supposed to be the end of July, and we changed it. I really wanted Kylie to experience the things I looked forward to when I was growing up.

Kylie and Matt waiting for the parade to begin.

While waiting for the parade to start, Kylie noticed her shadow and was making a moose :)

Checking to see what is going on down the street

The parade was just beginning...Kylie was thinking it was too loud.

McDonld High School Marching Band

Some clowns...every parade just has to have them!

Kylie running to get some candy...she ended up with enough to last her 'til next Halloween!

Girl Scout troops!

I don't remember what she was saying...she sure is cute though!

Matt was so excited to see this baseball team...they were called the Royals...just like here in KC!

This is a note to all parade out for the little guys on the baseball teams that are in the parade, they will pelt you with the candy. Something that has been like that since I was a kid...Matt was shocked and laughing all at once.

Like every little festival, there are games to play and rides to go on. As we walked by one game, Kylie had her first meltdown over not getting her way. She sooooooo wanted to play this fishing game (go figure) and we told her we had to get tickets....come to find out we didn't need to get tickets, but anyway she got to play with her daddy and loved it!

Kylie and Matt as they were about to get off the Berry go Round.

On our last night in town, we went to play putt putt with my parents. Kylie had fun, but I think she also enjoyed running away repeatedly and having us chase her. Her Grandma Nancy would be proud of her playing, because she loves to golf!

Papa Joe taking a swing

Grandma Karen taking a wack at it

Kylie beat us all...whenever Papa Joe asked what her score was on each hole she said 2!

Super cute...Kylie and Papa Joe playing on the practice green.

Kylie cheering that she won!

Right across from the Putt Putt was an ice cream stand...super convenient. Kylie was checking to see where she measured up. Ding cone for Kylie!

The girl asked if Kylie wanted a face on it, and we didn't know what to expect...look how cute!

I think Kylie's got a pretty cute face here to go along with the one on her cone :)

After eating her ice cream cone, Matt thought it was the perfect time to teach Kylie how to catch lightning bugs. I can say it was so sweet watching them together running around to catch some lightning bugs and then hear her squeal in delight when she got one.

I am amazed that she was okay with having them in her noted above, Matt did this with her not thanks :)

Here is some video I got of them...sorry it was kinda dark, so it's a bit grainy.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ohio....Outdoor fun, and picture party

So after some naps following Kylie's neuro was time for some fun outside. My parents have a giant back yard, and Kylie loves to run around it. Just look how far back her and Matt were from the porch....this was with my camera zoomed in as far as it would go.

Kylie and Matt racing back to the house...Kylie with a giant flower in hand.

She LOVES to smell all flowers!

She is off to run some more....LOVE, LOVE this pic!

Playing on a little bridge in my parents yard.

Getting all wet in the well/fountain they've got out front.

Reading some books with Dadda....I love seeing them together like this!

The following morning, we decided it was time to do some swimming. We put the ball pit inside of an inflatable pool and filled it up with water...Kylie absolutely loved it!

She loves the Elmo bathing suit Grandma Karen got her!

A little wet footprint

Sharing some giggles with Papa Joe

Okay, so I was having tons of fun on
Picnik, doing some editing the pics I had taken of Kylie running around the yard. Some of the pics are repeats from the beginning of the post, but others are them all!

Matt was with me, and told Kylie to put her hands on her hips...she decided to strike a pose of her own

Here we go...hands on the hips now :)

Kylie and her Dadda

My all time favorite...


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