Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All things Pumpkin

Trying to get caught up here on posting...so here goes...let's get some pumpkins! A nursery nearby, has an Oktoberfest every year, and they have all sorts of activities for the kids...so we went!

Kylie found her pumpkin!

Oh, how I love little hands!

Dadda helping decorate her pumpkin with some stickers.

Yay, momma gets to help too!

Ta da!

Time to run through the maze...okay, so I got lost the 2nd time we went in, and got a bit worried. Kylie loved it!

Hmmm....which way to turn?

I think t I got it!

I made it out! What's next?

Kylie LOVES popcorn!

We got to see a fire truck...Kylie was as tall as the tires!

The quickest pet of a bunny ever...but we got the pic :)

Running in a place where there are no people...just getting some space.

Feeding the donkey some hay.

More space

Look at me...I'm drinking out of a cup! She just learned this...so big!


Planting a flower with Dadda

Pretty purple pansies!

Sandbox...wait no, it's a corn box! She wasn't so sure about it at first, but after watching others and testing it out slowly....she loved it!

Just a couple days after going to the Oktoberfest, Kylie's school had a field trip to the KC Pumpkin Patch...so off we went!

Hey momma, I want to take pictures!

Kylie and one of her classmates checking out the pumpkins.

She was so uncomfortable to do this...not a fan of posed pics in the least.

Time to jump on the big giant pillow! So I must confess that she did not want to do this....I told her to go ahead while I took my shoes off. She started to go, then got scared, so I went with her....until she realized how much fun it was!

Hooray, because if she didn't enjoy it...there is no way I could have got this pic of her jumping. Can you just picture me trying to hold her hands and take a pic...all the while bouncing around.

The next thing, was this little train ride...it was so cute, and don't they look like a little couple going for a Sunday drive!

So .5 seconds later, Kylie wanted out...like pronto. I was amazed that she even got in it, but she quickly realized it was going to move...and I wasn't going to be on it with her. Maybe next year.

More little hands....feeding some goats!

Putting some food down the tube to feed the....

...3 little pigs!

We took a tractor ride to the pumpkin patch to find a pumpkin

I think she found her pumpkin!

Someone was so kind to take our picture with our pumpkin!

Kylie and her teacher talking about how pumpkins grow....she LOVES Miss Janie

Heading back on the tractor...holding her pumpkin down with her little feet....love this pic!

Snack time...where's my food?

Mmmm....cider donuts! Kylie does not like when anyone sees her eat something new, or just seeing her eat. So she was hiding, while she ate her cider donuts.

Kylie quickly became friends with a girl from another class at her school.

It was so cute to tsee the two of them running around chasing each other!

Yay for duck races!


Searching for land in the seas.

She found some land, or a giant pumpkin!

So I could not walk by without putting Kylie in the giant chair with her pumpkin....so cute!

So many more pumpkins!

All in all, it was a great day at the patch with her school and classmates!


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