Sunday, November 27, 2011

I do...I do wanna dance (2 new pics)

Back in Septemeber, our neighbors got married in Chicago. We made the trip to see them on their special day, and Kylie was soooo looking forward to dancing at the wedding....loves to dance!

It was about a 9 hr drive or so, and Kylie did great...lots of snacks, toys, etc. and she is good to go. We told her we were going to Chicago to see our friends get married. A few times she said "hurry up and get to Chicago before it closes!" We are pretty certain she thought Chicago was a store, so this was pretty cute.

This pic is actually from before we left for our trip...I was trying out the dress I made for Kylie to wear for the wedding. She is starting to really like wearing pretty dresses now, so it is pretty fun and sweet :)

Kylie and I getting ready for the wedding...talking about dancing I am sure!

Kylie giving me a super cheesy smile for a pic...amazing to get this, because she never ever smiles for the camera

In the elevator on our way down to the wedding

When we were downstairs in the lobby before the wedding started, Kylie decided to hide behind the curtains. Where is Kylie?

There she is!

Then she found some books to pictures in these books, so she did some speed reading.

Below is a pic of the bride and her family...Kylie loved her pretty white dress!

In between the ceremony and reception, we went back up to our room to see if Kylie wanted to rest...she just seemed so tired. I tried to get a pic of her and I know where you just hold the camera out in front, and end up with a bit of a close up. I said, say cheese and give a big smile...well, this was what we got.....still makes me laugh to see it!

Shortly after the last pic, I got this one....sleep girl, and the party hasn't even started.

Once the reception got started, she was ready to hit the floor, but it still wasn't quite dance time was time to eat dinner and she was tired (didn't get to nap much) and could not understand why it wasn't dancing time. She had a meltdown, or two, or more...but after a few walks outside, she calmed down. Once dinner was done, she ran to the dance floor. Just take a look for yourself:

One of the things that made it cute was to see that Kylie had her own little place card...she truly had her own little place at the wedding. You know, on the dance floor!

We had so much fun at the wedding and everyone was so nice, and just thought Kylie was adorable! Just look at all the fun everyone was having at the wedding. Just incredible and such a great party!

We just got these next two pics last cute! Dancing the night away!

She was such a tired little girl...this was shortly before we headed back to our room. No smile, but that's not our Kylie...she doesn't pose for the camera...just not who she is. Who she is amazing!

This picture was taken not long before we headed back to our room...she was just so tired. She even told us she wanted to go ni-night a few she was definitely worn out. I edited it a bit and sent it to Matt at work one day....she was just so sweet.

Just as we were saying goodnight to everyone and head up to our room, the band started to sing Billy Jean by Michael Jackson. Kylie LOVES him, and will dance up a storm when she hears his songs! So we ran back in and danced to the song before calling it a night. It was a great wedding, and we are so glad we got to be there and share in our neighbor's special day!


Rochelle said...

What fun! Love all the pics, Kylie is such a doll and you are so talented! Can you come over and rub off a little on me? LOL

Celina Santana James said...

Great pictures Stump family!! Kylie is too adorable and her dress was too cute. luv it!!


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