Saturday, June 8, 2013

Batting a thousand (toothless) smiles!

I think it was somewhere around 2 wks or so ago when Kylie said a tooth on the bottom hurt when she ate.  I remember Matt tried to wiggle it and nothing happened...whew!  Well I called the dentist come Monday morning and after chatting with them I scheduled to bring her in.  When I got off the phone I tried and sure enough....she had a loose tooth!
I called back to cancel the apptmt and we determined that since she got her teeth early (4 months!), that they would fall out early too. I think the following day or two, the director at her school asked if I would be interested in having Kylie be one of the kids in the pics for the big gala they have each year.  I was elated!  Then I thought, oh no...what about this loose tooth!  Okay, so yeah I kinda wanted her to have all of her teeth for the pic, and I really didn't want her to lose her first tooth yet....that just means she is growing up even faster...I'm just not ready for this yet.  But the day before pics, it was super loose.  So Dadda got the job of helping get that tooth out.
Right before it came out

No more tooth now!
Still a beauty minus one tooth :)

We did not have the tooth fairy come that night, as we were concerned that part of her tooth may not have come out completely.  So we went to the dentist the following morning to get things checked out.  They got an x-ray that not only showed that all of the tooth was out, but there were lots of adult teeth under her baby teeth....ughh...I can't believe how big she is!

There was lots of concern about the tooth fairy coming into her room.  She got quite upset at bedtime, and it all made sense as to why she kept saying she wanted her tooth back....she really just didn't want this tooth fairy person coming in her room while she slept.  Gotcha!  Okay, so good thing I made her a tooth fairy pillow.  She put her tooth in the pocket on the back, and she got to choose where she hung it up in the house...she picked her play room.

Kylie is quite the thinker, and she asked how the tooth fairy would know the tooth was in her playroom.  So I remembered in the Tinkerbell movie, Tinkerbell took a ballerina music box back to the mainland.  Well, she knew what house it belonged to because it lit up and sparkled.  I told her the same thing works for the tooth fairy....she will go wherever it lights up and shines in the house...which is where the tooth will be.  Whew!  That was a close one!

I tried to get a couple pics of Kylie before we met the photographer at the park for some pics.

We got Kylie signed up for T-ball and it was quite fun seeing 20 little ones out there learning about the game.  They are more less learning about the game and will have scrimmages towards the end of the 8 wks.

Everyone ran to the outfield for some stretches

Look at that throwing form!
Getting some tips from dad

Aren't they so cute!

They divided the kids in half, so 10 on each team and here they are getting their shirts.

They got to choose their team name and ended up with the Banana Cars!
A couple of my favorites that I edited a bit below
She was definitely tired, after all it was an hour long!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Zoo and more

On Mother's Day weekend, we decided to go to Omaha for the day and take Kylie to the zoo there.  Matt and I used to go there a couple times a year, and it was high time for Kylie to go too!
In the stroller and ready to roll! 



Looks like the big guy was taking a nap

Some of the exhibits had these like bubbled windows that you could look through to get a closer look into their zoo habitat.  This guy happened to be sitting on top of one, so when you looked up, there he was!  He just stared at you, and it was just kind of a neat thing to see and all the kids at the zoo got a kick out of it too!
Another monkey of some kind.

We loved the butterfly exhibit!  In years past, we only saw a couple butterflies flying around.  This year was different, they were all over.  This pic below is one that had landed on the arm of the lady that was in front of us.  It stayed on for almost the entire time we spent in the exhibit. 

Look how huge this one was!  Matt put his hand to give you an idea of it's's kinda gross in a way!

Checking to see which penguin she was closer to in height :)

So a cute pic gone silly here!  Matt just laughed when I showed it to him.

This is just a random pic I took and well, she's just too cute not to post it!

Nothing like finding dandelions on our walk and then blowing them all over when we got back home.

Another, just because she is so cute pic :)


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