Friday, September 30, 2011

Princess Kylie

Kylie's Grandma Nancy got her the most beautiful tutu dress I have ever seen. Just perfect for Kylie and oh my, did she look absolutely beautiful in it!

Once we got home from Grandma Nancy's, I bribed Kylie with some cookies to put it on for me...hey, whatever it takes :) Just in case you are wondering...M&M cookies will do the trick for Kylie! Here are the couple of pics I got of her that evening:

Seeing how much fun she had in the dress, and how fitting it was for her...just like a princess! I decided to take her out to the park the next day and let her run barefoot while I snapped some pics. Okay, so it was more than just some pics...I took 240! After editing about 50 or so pics, I decided I absolutely had to make a video out of it. The search for the perfect song was more of a challenge. I knew it had to be some sort of princess, fairytale...just a beautiful song.

After getting some suggestions from friends, and searching for those songs...this one song came across the screen in the list of additional songs to view. It was perfect, and it features the Tangled movie in the video....which coincidentally is a movie that Kylie first watched at her Grandma Nancy's, and she requests to watch it every time we visit!

Now I know that since I am her momma, I am a bit biased and think she is the most amazing little girl ever. With that said, I seriously had tears running down my face once I previewed the video with the song....I couldn't even finish watching it. I know they were happy tears, but wow...I just think the song and pics together are so incredible! So yes...get those tissues ready.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

All things Kylie

It's looking like I'm about a month behind on some postings...the pics in this post are from my August 2011 folder.

So I stole this idea from our friends Pudge and Biggie, hope you guys don't mind :) The first time we played with something like this was way back when one of our libraries had an event called Ooey Gooey, Icky, she looks so little in pics on that post!

So here is what we did. We got a bottle of hair gel, and squeezed it out into a ziploc bag, and then added some food coloring. We sealed the bag, and put in inside another bag...just in case it decided to leak. Then we squished up the bag to get a uniform color. Then we had some fun pressing shapes on our bags!

So Matt and Kylie used to read books in her princess tent before bedtime. I'm guessing they have outgrown the tent, because they now read books in her closet. I think it is so cute, and she loves it!

One of our favorite places to go is to Deanna Rose Farmstead...the cutest little petting zoo ever! Somehow I have neglected to take our camera each time we have gone...sorry. We planned to go one day when they were having Safety Day, but it was pretty toasty out that day. We pretty much ran through the little stations and went home. We did however get a little fireman's hat, and I got a couple pics of Kylie a few days later with it on. Too cute!

Not too sure about the silly little string that goes under her chin.

Since Kylie was starting school in just a week or so (at the time), we decided to get her hair trimmed a bit just in time for school. Below is a before pic...don't you love the cheesy smile she gives when we ask her to smile for the camera :)

Driving in her Barbie jeep and watching a movie while getting her hair done..sign me up!

All done!

We had met our good friends at the hair salon, and Kylie's little friend got his hair cut too. We went over to a new little shopping center and let the kids play about and run around the fountains...they loved it!

So is seemed like for a few weeks...or an eternity, Kylie was not wanting to nap so well. It would take her Forever to fall asleep, and when I would go in to wake her (because she would nap too long....ha, no such thing, right?) so she would go down at night for us, I would not find her in her bed.

The first time this happened, I actually started to panic a bit because she wasn't immediately visible to me. I had no idea how she could not be in her room. Then I saw some feet sticking out...just see for yourself.

So she finally gave up and fell asleep in her tent. So cute! Another time I had gone in to wake her, she was on the floor. Doesn't look so comfy to least the tent has lots of friends (stuffed animals) in it for cushion. Oh well, I guess kids really can sleep anywhere.

There was a Friday where Kylie and I crammed so much fun stuff in the day, that I felt like super mom or idea where my energy came from. We did therapy in the morning, went to the mall, to the park, came home for lunch, and then went to the Lenexa Waterfest....they had all sorts of fun stuff for things for kids there.

I had never been before, and they had lots of booths set up for kids crafts and activities, free hot dogs, pizza, and ice cream...woohoo! They had cane pole fishing too, and Kylie and I caught the tiniest fish ever...Matt was proud when we told him about it!

They even had one of the fire trucks shooting out water for the kids to run was the cutest thing. Sorry, no pics of was a bit too much for Kylie. Anyhow, here are just a couple pics of Kylie going up one of the little water slide things.

While we were there she saw a kid playing with a little frisbee ring, so we had to find the booth that was giving them away, and give it a whirl. does this thing work?

No idea what this was about... just a cute face

This was later that evening when we got home and we were playing with the fishy she made....she was telling me that she was not going to smile for me.

Fishy was hungry and decided to eat her finger....she is so silly!

The very last thing before bedtime was to make the little magnet craft we got at one of the vendor's...she gave me a great big smile and it was the perfect way to end our fun day!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Prelude to Halloween?

So I have asked Kylie a few times what she wants to be for Halloween...she doesn't really get what I am asking her, but she knows she gets candy :)

Anyhow, I was sewing the other evening and Matt took Kylie to the store with him. While driving there, he asked Kylie what she wanted to be for Halloween. He then called me and asked her again while on the phone with me.

I thought I heard her correctly, but then, she must have said something else. Nope...I heard her right the first time.

Here is a short video Matt got of her this morning to see if she still had the same answer.

I'm thinking that maybe if we don't talk about it for a little while and ask her again, that she will forget about wanting to be a triangle. A triangle, really? Maybe, I can convince her that Tinkerbell is the way to go....she absolutely loves Tinkerbell right now... 'til then, a triangle.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Let's do this Royals!

Yay....we all finally got to go to a Royals game a few weeks ago! It was an afternoon game, so it started when Kylie was supposed to be going down for her nap....I know, what were we thinking!

I don't know who was more excited, Matt or Kylie :) Just look at the big smiles on each of their faces! She was trying to hide it, but those cheeks and eyes just give her away!


Cheesy self taken family photo...silly, but I like :)

Goldfish just made this outing even more exciting!

Love this one...they are both intent on something and are making the same motions. It is too cute!

It was time for the singing on the national anthem, so we told Kylie we had to stand and put our hands over our hearts. She wasn't sure why everyone was following suit, but she knew enough that it was the right thing to do. There is something about seeing a little child behaving so well and with that sweet innocence in their eyes. Just priceless.

Wait...where did my heart go? It must be down by my belly now...because right now I can go for some stadium food in my tummy.

And there she goes...Chicken Fingers and yummy!

Kylie had a time period when she just wanted to sit on the stairs that lead up and down the levels for people getting to their seats.

They also have an area at the stadium for kids to play...just perfect! We pretty much stuck to the playground area and the little fountains. Kylie had lots of fun and did a great job!

There was a little tunnel like thing for the kids to crawl through on the playground area, and it has little holes cut out in it. While Kylie did a super job of letting a little kid take his time crawling through it...I got her to peak out a bit so I could take a pic of's so cute!

I'm not totally sure how I snagged this shot, but it looks like she is just flipping her hair as she was walking about all sophisticated.

Peaking over the rail at the field while we walked about.

We went in the souvenir shop to find out about getting signed up for the Blue Crew (like a little Royals club for kids) and Kylie found the giant foam finger. She instantly put it on her hand and started running around with it. Looks like she is directing traffic or something here. Love the little pose she has going too!

Below is some video of Kylie cheering for the Royals (Go Royals, Let's Do This Royals!), dancing, and playing in the little fountains.

With Kylie's social anxieties and sensory issues, we always wonder how she will respond when we go out and do things and are around other people. To our surprise, she did amazing while we waited in line to run the bases......every Sunday home game, you can line up around the 8th inning or so, to walk around the field and then run the and adults!

Anyhow, we just started chatting with the people in line around us and her cuteness factor became quite magnetic. Before we knew it, she was playing hide and seek with some older girls around us, and tickling many around us with a cattail that she pulled from a nearby plant. We just kept saying how amazed we were by how awesome she was doing! We even shared our excitement with those around us....they thought she was pretty great and awful cute too!

In addition to Kylie amazing us with her play and social skills, we met some really great people while we waited to get onto the field. There were a group of guys that Matt chatted with quite a bit, and they did great interacting with Kylie! Matt shared some of what we went through with Kylie, so seeing how awesome she was doing astounded them too :) It was great to see how receptive they were when Matt was telling them about the crazy stuff...some good guys there for sure!

Kylie tickling one of the people around us.

Just getting on the field!

Isn't this cute?! Daddy and his little girl on the Royals field!

Touching the soil on the field

Some video of Kylie running to second base and then to home plate!

So going to a Royals game during naptime, staying the entire game, and running the bases makes for one tired little girl.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

End of Summer Celebration

Okay, so I realized that I had not done a post about her last day of school for the Summer session at the Britain Center. I was waiting to get some things to add to it, and well...I just need to do the post :)

I was crossing my fingers that I could stay on the last day and help out, but her teachers and I know that she does so much better when we are not around :( I remember when I showed up early to pick her up on her first day of school there and she got pretty hyper and then basically stopped participating when she saw me.

Oh well, one day she will be less anxious and will show off all of the wonderful things she is learning at her school! The fun part is that in just a couple of weeks, it will be Kylie's special day, where she gets to be the line leader and bring a special treat. Oh, and I get to stay and help out...yay! I'm excited to see how things go with me there and what her day at school is like.

Ok, so onto the last day of classes for the Summer. They had a super fun day and got to go swimming, and had ice cream cake. I made a giant cookie cake with balloons on it too. It was so cute to hear Kylie say "my momma made it."

Below is a montage of sorts with some pics and video. They did a couple of songs...Skidamarink a Dinky Dink and The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Kylie wanted nothing to do with performing. Like I said, she does not like to do things when we are watching, and especially not when there is a room full of parents taking pictures and video. It was kinda sad to see her with her head down or just sitting in her chair instead of joining in....poor thing look so very unhappy.

No worries, her music teacher (also a music therapist) is simply amazing (everyone there is!) and got her to dance just a bit...most importantly, she got her to smile!

I can not stress enough how happy I am that Kylie is at the Britain Center with the best people possible for her and us!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Drum roll please....

Monica is the winner of 3 Reversible Headbands!

Thanks to all who donated to Team Kylie for her school's scholarship fundraiser! It is thanks to the scholarship fund that Kylie is afforded the opportunity to be at such an amazing school, where the most incredible educators and therapists can help her stretch enough out of her comfort zone and continue to amaze us all the time!

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