Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Let's do this Royals!

Yay....we all finally got to go to a Royals game a few weeks ago! It was an afternoon game, so it started when Kylie was supposed to be going down for her nap....I know, what were we thinking!

I don't know who was more excited, Matt or Kylie :) Just look at the big smiles on each of their faces! She was trying to hide it, but those cheeks and eyes just give her away!


Cheesy self taken family photo...silly, but I like :)

Goldfish just made this outing even more exciting!

Love this one...they are both intent on something and are making the same motions. It is too cute!

It was time for the singing on the national anthem, so we told Kylie we had to stand and put our hands over our hearts. She wasn't sure why everyone was following suit, but she knew enough that it was the right thing to do. There is something about seeing a little child behaving so well and with that sweet innocence in their eyes. Just priceless.

Wait...where did my heart go? It must be down by my belly now...because right now I can go for some stadium food in my tummy.

And there she goes...Chicken Fingers and yummy!

Kylie had a time period when she just wanted to sit on the stairs that lead up and down the levels for people getting to their seats.

They also have an area at the stadium for kids to play...just perfect! We pretty much stuck to the playground area and the little fountains. Kylie had lots of fun and did a great job!

There was a little tunnel like thing for the kids to crawl through on the playground area, and it has little holes cut out in it. While Kylie did a super job of letting a little kid take his time crawling through it...I got her to peak out a bit so I could take a pic of's so cute!

I'm not totally sure how I snagged this shot, but it looks like she is just flipping her hair as she was walking about all sophisticated.

Peaking over the rail at the field while we walked about.

We went in the souvenir shop to find out about getting signed up for the Blue Crew (like a little Royals club for kids) and Kylie found the giant foam finger. She instantly put it on her hand and started running around with it. Looks like she is directing traffic or something here. Love the little pose she has going too!

Below is some video of Kylie cheering for the Royals (Go Royals, Let's Do This Royals!), dancing, and playing in the little fountains.

With Kylie's social anxieties and sensory issues, we always wonder how she will respond when we go out and do things and are around other people. To our surprise, she did amazing while we waited in line to run the bases......every Sunday home game, you can line up around the 8th inning or so, to walk around the field and then run the and adults!

Anyhow, we just started chatting with the people in line around us and her cuteness factor became quite magnetic. Before we knew it, she was playing hide and seek with some older girls around us, and tickling many around us with a cattail that she pulled from a nearby plant. We just kept saying how amazed we were by how awesome she was doing! We even shared our excitement with those around us....they thought she was pretty great and awful cute too!

In addition to Kylie amazing us with her play and social skills, we met some really great people while we waited to get onto the field. There were a group of guys that Matt chatted with quite a bit, and they did great interacting with Kylie! Matt shared some of what we went through with Kylie, so seeing how awesome she was doing astounded them too :) It was great to see how receptive they were when Matt was telling them about the crazy stuff...some good guys there for sure!

Kylie tickling one of the people around us.

Just getting on the field!

Isn't this cute?! Daddy and his little girl on the Royals field!

Touching the soil on the field

Some video of Kylie running to second base and then to home plate!

So going to a Royals game during naptime, staying the entire game, and running the bases makes for one tired little girl.

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