Friday, September 30, 2011

Princess Kylie

Kylie's Grandma Nancy got her the most beautiful tutu dress I have ever seen. Just perfect for Kylie and oh my, did she look absolutely beautiful in it!

Once we got home from Grandma Nancy's, I bribed Kylie with some cookies to put it on for me...hey, whatever it takes :) Just in case you are wondering...M&M cookies will do the trick for Kylie! Here are the couple of pics I got of her that evening:

Seeing how much fun she had in the dress, and how fitting it was for her...just like a princess! I decided to take her out to the park the next day and let her run barefoot while I snapped some pics. Okay, so it was more than just some pics...I took 240! After editing about 50 or so pics, I decided I absolutely had to make a video out of it. The search for the perfect song was more of a challenge. I knew it had to be some sort of princess, fairytale...just a beautiful song.

After getting some suggestions from friends, and searching for those songs...this one song came across the screen in the list of additional songs to view. It was perfect, and it features the Tangled movie in the video....which coincidentally is a movie that Kylie first watched at her Grandma Nancy's, and she requests to watch it every time we visit!

Now I know that since I am her momma, I am a bit biased and think she is the most amazing little girl ever. With that said, I seriously had tears running down my face once I previewed the video with the song....I couldn't even finish watching it. I know they were happy tears, but wow...I just think the song and pics together are so incredible! So yes...get those tissues ready.

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