Saturday, October 1, 2011

A whole new world

So remember when we went to the Royals game? I mentioned in this post that we met some great folks while we waited in line to run the bases after the game. Well, it just so happens that Kylie made quite the impression with some of the guys we were chatting with. They were all so great, and one of the guys and Matt had a great time talking about baseball and much more.

Just a few weeks after the game, Matt received a package at work for Kylie. It was that very day that Kylie and I went up to visit Matt at work. She was so excited when Matt told her that he had a surprise for her...she eagerly opened the box and had this great big smile when she saw what was inside!

Just look at how happy she is with Ariel!

She even told me that Ariel was going to sleep in her room with her! That is huge, because I have suggested this to Kylie with past toys and such, and she would say no. You see, she has 2 dolls and a bear that have been in her bed since when she was in a far as Kylie sees it, they are the only ones allowed to be in her bed.

She ended up not taking Ariel with her to bed, but Ariel is her new best friend, and loves taking her everywhere!

I'm not sure why or what, but we went and got ice cream after we saw Matt, and Kylie had to lay Ariel down on the little table with Ariel could watch her eat her ice cream :)

So yes, what A Whole New World it is when you see that your child touches another's heart, and they reach back to do the same to you. Thanks so much again to our friend for thinking of Kylie and sending her this gift!

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