Monday, October 10, 2011

Let's Go....Keep it up!

Let's Go (clap clap) Let's Go Team Kylie!

Keep it up ! Keep it up!...Keep that Kylie spirit up! Say Keep it up (clap clap clap)

Okay, now that you are all in a feel good and cheering mood, you can get your megaphones and pom poms ready to cheer when I tell you that the fundraising through Kylie school has been extended until November 2011! I have been meaning to post about this for a couple weeks now, and I am finally tying to make that happen.

We just ask that you take a look at Kylie's page and read the bit about why the Britain Center is such an awesome place for Kylie to be...for us to be with her. I do not want to imagine what things could be like if it were not for all the amazing staff and educators that make everything happen for not just my child, but for so many others.

Please click here on Kylie's page and free feel to donate any amount you can give. Everything is for the Scholarship Program at affords a number of children the opportunities that they would be without, if not for the scholarship program.

Below are a few pics of Kylie working on an art project with me at home. Mind you, this was the day following her not painting at her other school...the one we recently took her out of. You will see how great Kylie does with this....she was hesitant, but talking to her about all the things she can make and do and the colors to use, etc, helps ease her into it.

Here are some pics of Kylie and the greatness that has aways been with her and is coming out more and more:

It is so much more than the team at the Britain Center getting Kylie to do some painting, they are right by her side when she is struggling, or if the anxiety causes her to not be a part of things. They work to find ways to bring her back and help us learn what is best for Kylie in those situations. It is an ongoing process, especially since sensory is so unpredictable...we are on Team Kylie and ready for anything!

Feel free to join with us and click on the links or at the donate box on the right of the blog.

Thanks so muc

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