Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sugar & Spice...

Today was Kylie's first haircut! We took her to a place just for kids...the name of it is Sugar & Spice Kids Salon.

I think most kids get their first haircut somewhere around their first birthday or so, but Kylie was just starting to get more hair at that time. We have debated on whether or not to get it cut, and decided that it was time to get it all evened out, since it just isn't growing a bunch yet.

I called and made an apptmt for Kylie today, and I let them know that Kylie typically does not do well in new places and with new people. They said a haircut typically takes 30 minutes, and half of the time is getting them comfortable while the other half is the actual haircut. To play it safe, we decided to show up about 15 minutes early, so we could have even more time to get familiar with the place.

Of course Kylie was not about to just plop in her jeep (more on that in a minute), and let a new person start messing with her hair. Her sweet stylist, Patty, offered to put a movie in for her to watch, and we told her that she loves Elmo. Low and behold, Patty returns with Elmo in Grouchland, and that is a movie we had once watched over and over again :) The familiar movie got Kylie excited and comfortable enough that she was sitting in her jeep by the time the movie got started. She was even telling Patty what was going to happen in the movie.

Okay, so below you will see Patty beginning to wet down Kylie's hair, so she could begin the haircut. Every couple of minutes or so when Patty first started, Kylie would get teary eyed and remember where she was, and that it was all so new to her. Before she even had a chance to get verbalize that she wanted to go, I would interject with a comment about who was in the movie or what Elmo was doing in the movie. Whew! It worked :)

Yes, she is sitting in a jeep to get her haircut! The little guy next to her was on a motorcycle, I also remember there being a racecar, and a couple other fun vehicles too. You will also notice that she is picking up the cell phone to make a call during her hair apptmt :)

A lock of her hair

This is the finished new style! Patty tried to see if Kylie wanted to use the blow dryer, and she wanted nothing to do with it, so we opted for some gel to hold the little curls she has.

Kylie was content in her jeep by the time it was all over with, and really enjoyed watching her movie.

Making another call to tell her friends about new hairstyle!

Yep...still watching Elmo.

Hmm...who to call next?

Yep, another call.

It wasn't until after the cut was all done, that Kylie tried stepping on the gas in her worked! The tires were spinning, and that was pretty exciting to her. I think this is a pic where she realized that it worked and was looking down to step on the gas.

This must have been her boyfriend on the line with her :)

She seriously did not want to get out of her jeep.

We had got Kylie the first haircut package deal thing, where you got a certificate, a before and after picture, and a lock of hair to save. Below is a pic of the certificate that I scanned in. It didn't come out so clear when I scanned it, but you all get the idea.

Here are a couple pics I took of her when she got up from her nap. I love the wavy curls in the back!

A little bit of a profile shot here. I tried to ask if I could hold her paci and snuggie, and she was totally not giving it up.

Overall, Kylie did Amazing! It was a really fun, and cute place to take kid to get their hair cut. We will definitely return to see Patty, and let Kylie sit in her jeep and watch a movie while she gets beautified!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

All things Kylie...and some pics too!

Working Girl

Kylie tries to get on our desktop computer whenever I am outside to take Annie out, or just whenever she sees that she has a free shot at typing...banging, on the keyboard. Oh, she tells us that she is checking her email when she gets on it. She has a LeapTop that she got as one of her birthday gifts, so we tell her she is Only allowed to check her email on Her computer.

Here is a pic I got when I saw both Kylie and Matt on their computers. Matt was doing some work stuff, and had a grumpy look on his face...not so blog-able, so I asked him to smile for the pic :)

Kylie got this super cute outfit from Grandma Karen & Papa Joe for Christmas.....I totally had to get some pics of her in it.

A little bit of R&R before getting ready for bedtime.

Kylie had to support the Chiefs by wearing her Chiefs cheerleading outfit during the playoff games....cute smiles and some cheers too!


The other night I was getting both Kylie and myself all cleaned up and ready for bedtime. I was washing my face while Kylie sat on the potty. The next thing I know, Kylie says Momma look Santa Claus. I responded with "Do you think Momma looks like Santa Claus?" She answers with Yep and then she gives that sweet grin that she gives when she knows she is being silly. Mind you, this is what she also says to Matt when he shaves. Perhaps I need to try a non foaming facial cleanser in the future :)

Umm...this isn't a Diner

I was getting lunch ready for the three of us, and I had Kylie's cooling off in the fridge. Kylie is already in her chair in the dining room and waiting for her food. I told her it wasn't ready just yet, and she could play while she waited. The next thing I know she is yelling Mommy, mommy bring food! At first I was like what did she just say? Then I just laughed to myself when I realized she was a hungry little girl and wanted her food pronto.

Good Hygiene

Kylie is getting sneakier by the day. I can not tell you how many times I have found her in the bathroom with either her toothbrush or mine and a tube of toothpaste. She has yet to get the tubes of toothpaste open, but I'm sure it is only a matter of time before she is painting the walls with it.

My Little Cook

Kylie absolutely loves to help out in the kitchen....perhaps a little Martha Stewart in the making :) Anyhow, I know we did these before, but she was so excited to help me with some fresh green beans the other day. I just love those little hands!

Cookie Monster

Kylie and I made cookies together one night last week while Matt was working, and I let her have 2 of them. She said wake up, eat more. I told her that yes, she can have more when she wakes up in the morning. How about she woke up at around 6:15 the following morning (an hour early) and I took her potty, and she asked me for her cookie. I seriously think she woke up early just so she could get that cookie I promised her. I told her it was too early for cookies, and she had to go back to sleep.

She then said see dadda. I told her that dadda was sleeping, and she needed to go back to sleep too. She said tickle him. She likes to tickle us when we are sleeping, or just pretending to sleep when we play with her. I said no tickle, and put her back down.

Later that day I caught her moving a chair over to the counter where the tray of cookies was, and trying to sneak some. I then moved the cookie tray and put it in the microwave....same thing. I decided to put it in the oven when she wasn't around, and it worked....too bad I forgot to take the tray out when I turned the oven on that evening to make dinner...the cookies were fine, but my non-metal tray got a bit warped.

Snow Bunny

Here are some more snow pics I took sometime last week or the week before that...I can't remember :) Kylie now says play snow just about every time she looks out the window. I'm sure we will have more snow pics soon, especially since we got somewhere around 8 inches of snow yesterday.

You will notice the shiny cheeks...I put some vaseline on her cheeks for some protection before we headed out in the snow.

She was definitely excited to go play in the snow...I even got a smiley pic!

Beginning her trek out in the snow

I did a lot of these in b/w. I just liked how they looked.

She really loves to throw snow up out, she is getting good at throwing it at us now!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Elmo Street

Guess what we did last night?!

Here's a hint: Kylie really enjoys "Elmo Street" (aka Sesame Street) when she gets the opportunity to watch, and some of those friends may or may not be in town.

That's right! We all loaded up and drove down to the Sprint Center to see Elmo and all of his friends in Elmo's Healthy Heroes (Sesame Street Live)! It was also our first visit to the Sprint Center, which has only been around four years or so. We apparently don't get out much. Regardless, we left the house about 6:00 for our 7:00 show. Arrived with no big traffic delays and found a spot to park right across the street from the venue.

I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story:

Waiting in anticipation

Taking in everything around her

Me talking to her about what we will see

Bert and Ernie came out first, but I'm pretty sure this is when she saw Elmo!

This is how she spent most of the show...staring with mouth agape!

Obviously enjoying the show. This smile was present 98% of the time we were there

We had fabulous seats - 10th row! (more on that in a minute)

Some more of the action

This was a favorite spot. Standing in front of her seat, watching intently.

There's that smile again. Clearly not enjoying the show.

And another one with the smile. You might say she loved it.

This seems like a good spot to talk about the dancing. While standing in that favorite spot of hers in front of her chair, she started jumping and dancing like crazy. She'll jump around dance at home when she gets excited, but nothing like this. Especially not for as long as she did it. Kylie had most of the people sitting around us laughing pretty good with her antics. It was great. I really wish we had video of it, but video recordings were frowned upon. Although, we might have gotten away with it if we were just recording Kylie. Back to the pictures...

On Mommy's lap

A bit more of the on-stage action

Back to her favorite spot

Another one of the smile. Somehow they don't really get old.

The only bit of trauma we suffered was at the very end. Since we were close to the stage, when the streamer cannons shot streamers into the crowd (and oddly enough, seemingly focused on our seats) she wasn't too excited. Once she realized they weren't hurting her, she was ok with them.

All in all, a FABULOUS experience. She was mesmerized by the entire show. There was never one instance of her being distracted and fussing. At all. That's saying something for any 2 year old, and especially ours.

A note on the tickets. Jody and I talked briefly on Wednesday night about going to see the show over the weekend. Then on Thursday, I found out a co-worker had tickets, unfortunately coupled with a sick kiddo. I certainly felt bad about their little one missing out on his surprise, but we are extremely grateful to the Poste family for the tickets. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow, no hurt you

Kylie isn't really the biggest fan of the snow...well, I guess now I can't say that is completely true.

We were on our way to take Annie to the vet to get spayed this morning, and we had lots of snow and more to come.

With the snow falling as I was getting them both out of the car, some blew in on Kylie and she started to get pretty upset. I assured her that it was okay, and it would dry. I also told her that the snow can't hurt her. So she then said snow, no hurt you. I followed it up with how fun snow can be and that we would play in it today.

Okay, so once we returned home, we got in our snow gear and went out to play. Kylie was definitely hesitant about the snow, and was very careful to take those first steps and venture further out from the garage.

Here are some pics I got of her today.

Taking those first steps into the snow.

Talking to me about the snow.

Not so sure that she wants to do this anymore.

We are getting adventurous and venturing out a bit more.

The wind blew some snow down off the roof, and she didn't care for that too much.

Thinking about climbing Everest....the front steps.

Wondering how this is supposed to be fun.

I think this is when she realized it was sticking to her mittens.

Not sure what this was all about, but it is pretty cute :)

Having fun throwing snow up in the air and watching it fall down.

Okay, now this is beginning to be fun!

Oh, I should let you know she was excited to go out in it again when Matt got home from work. She even started to throw snow at us and really think that it was fun to do! Here is some video of when we were all out when Matt got home from work.


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