Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holding on forever

I decided to get an early start on dinner, and told Kylie she could watch a movie while I was working away in the kitchen. Of course, she picks Finding Nemo. She loves that movie so much! I know she must have it memorized. Anyhow, she comes upstairs and tells me what is going on in the movie....she just wants to share it with me.

How can I cook when she is so excited and chatting away about every scene in the movie? I just can't, so I come down and watch the full live version of her and the is just so precious.

In the background I hear that song on the radio. Those of you that have been following the blog know exactly what song I am talking about....The Climb by Miley Cyrus.

Of course, I immediately start crying as I hear the lyrics and watch her dance around and eagerly telling me about Nemo.

She is just so beautiful! Okay, more tears.

So I started this post a bit ago, and have since got pulled away.

I'm not sure where I was headed with this. I just know that every night when I pray, I thank God that He chose us to be Kylie's parents, that He chose Kylie to teach us so much more about life and about Him, that miracles do happen, that even though the road we traveled wasn't what we planned for has taken us to a beautiful place.

Okay, so I need to stop before the keyboard shorts out from the flowing of tears.

I will leave you all with this...a beautiful song, for a even more beautiful little girl.


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