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All things Christmas

This will surely be a post of all things related to Christmas, and lots and lots of pics!

Matt works part time at Bass Pro Shops, and we have always taken Kylie there to see Santa. So it was only fitting that we keep up the tradition and take her again this year. They have a great Santa's Wonderland set up with activities for the kids, and a chance to meet Santa and get your picture taken too.

We were in line and Kylie was watching Santa and all of the kids before her. She was really taking in everything and just analyzing all that was around her. The lack of excitement led us to believe that she wouldn't be a willing participant.

Here is a pic of her watching Santa. No, she is not picking her nose...she just always rubs at the corner of her mouth. Not sure why, just something she does. It almost looks as though she is thinking...hmmm, what is this big guy all about?

Taking another glimpse of the big guy

Uh looks as though she is giving Santa the look that says...
I want nothing to do with you.

Look at that...she is watching him as he talks to her :)

Apparently Santa said too much.

She did however accept a candy cane from him.

So there ended up being no chance of a pic with just Kylie and Santa. Not even a pic of Kylie, Matt and Santa. She started to cry for me to be in the pic too. So we let them take our free pic. Not too bad...she may not be smiling, but she's not crying either, so that's a plus :)

Here is a pic I snapped while we waited for our free pic to be printed. Kylie was taking one last look at Santa. I think it is pretty cute.

This is definitely more of what Kylie likes to do. Coloring, with many choices of crayons before her.

Working hard on that picture.

She's really beginning to enjoy herself here :)

Taking a break and checking things out around her.

I think it may have been the same night that we saw Santa, when we decided to put up our tree. Last year Kylie had no interest in the decorations, which was probably a good thing. This year I was excited to have her help us decorate it. Here is a pic of her hiding under the tree.

So it was getting late by the time the tree was all put together, so we just had Kylie help put the star on the tree. She was definitely excited about this. She thought it was a bit of a game too, so it took a bit before we finally got in on the tree. Let's just say it ended up being a good arm workout for the both of us.

We had started to take out some of the Christmas tree decorations and Kylie thought she would try and put just one on before we put her down of the night. I guess putting the star on top wasn't enough for the princess.

Anyhow, Kylie's method of putting the ornaments on, was to throw them at the tree. Luckily the ones she had were not breakable. We told her to be nice to them, so she then decided to shove them in the tree as far as she could. Below is a pic of her doing exactly that.

Yay, our tree all decorated!

I don't think it was by chance that things are all a glow in this pic...she is our little miracle!

One thing I love about this time of year is all of the Christmas specials that are on TV. We watched Rudolph one night together, and Kylie noticed that Rudolph and Hermes were both sad. She then said hug. I told her she could give them a hug, and she did. Just see below.

Not too long after visiting Santa at Bass Pro, our Early Intervention program had a night for the kids and families that receive therapies to visit with Santa and enjoy some yummy cookies.

We were thinking that maybe Kylie would like Santa a bit better the second time around, since she had already seen him. Wishful thinking, right? What a worried look she has right below.

Well, Santa was running a bit behind, so we took a table in the back, with a bit less commotion going on. Who knew that wasn't the best of ideas on our part. You see, when you sit in the back, it looks as though Santa is coming straight for you. The makings for a scary meeting with Santa.

So after the meltdown, we decided to step out into the hall and take a look around. Much less intimidating that way.

I bet she is thinking...boy, I hope they don't take me back in there.

Taking a peek into the room where Santa is at.

Kylie said she wanted another cookie and by chance she had her hands clasped together and was looking up at me. What a cute thing for a little girl to be praying for.

Kylie was definitely excited to see all of the presents under the tree when she woke up Christmas morning. She did tell us in the days before Christmas that she didn't want presents from Santa. She was so scared of hi, that she didn't even want anything associated with the big guy. We did tell her that Santa brought them to her because he is a nice guy and she was a good girl this year.

Here is Kylie opening her first present.

She just loved getting a new baby! She had fun pushing her new baby around in its stroller, and pushing it in its swing. So sweet!

Contemplating the best approach to getting the next gift unwrapped.

Happily pushing her baby in the stroller!

Kylie helped me make a wreath for Papa Joe that was made out of Mallow Cups and some Jolly Ranchers. Of course Kylie wanted to sample the candy, and Papa Joe will give her anything she's pretty cute! Below is a pic of Kylie enjoying her first Mallow Cup. Note that she tried to get as many as she could from Papa Joe.

Kylie got some super cute clothes from Granda Karen and Papa Joe for Christmas. The funny part is that just like at her birthday party, she was not interested in getting clothes for presents. Most of her clothes were in gift bags, and once she took out the tissue paper and saw what was in the bag, she moved on to the next gift without even taking the clothes out. It was kinda funny, but I felt bad too. I know in a few years she will be asking for more clothes and wanting to pick them out herself. Below are many pics of her in one of the adorable outfits she got...she is just so beautiful!

Grandma Karen and Papa Joe got Kylie bunkbeds for her dolls, and she was so sweet putting them in their beds, covering them up, giving them hugs and kisses and telling them ni-night. It was simply a-dorable!

Tucking her babies in again.

I can't believe I barely captured her smiling in this pic...too bad I didn't get all of her in the frame. She is so beautiful when she smiles!

Wouldn't you give anything to have those eyes and that pouty little mouth!

Kylie is hilarious when we ask her to smile and she actually does it. It is like she is pac man or something, because she will like chomp her mouth and make a silly face. Sometimes we get some cute pics like these ones below.

This one was a true it!

I can't remember what she was doing here, but it produced a cute smile and that is really all that matters :)

Not sure what she was saying or doing her, but once again...another cute pic.

Another pac man chomping smile....what a silly little girl.

Kylie playing with Papa Joe their last morning in Kansas.

Kylie playing with Uncle Joey.

Kylie playing in her tent while Grandma & Papa peek in at her and try and get some pics.

Giving Papa Joe a hug goodbye and trying to share her baby bottles with me.

Giving Grandma Karen a hug goodbye while playing with her baby bottles.

Saying bye bye to Uncle Joey and giving him a hug.

Giving Abbey a hug goodbye....Kylie loves Abbey!

Kylie can never give Abbey too many hugs....she will hug animals more than people.

For some silly reason we did not take pictures when we did Christmas with Grandma Nancy and Frandma. I guess we were just too caught up in watching Kylie and her excitement of receiving more presents. I do have some cute pics of Kylie playing with her gifts, so once I get those uploaded, I will do a post all about them. Just wait until you see pics of Matt and Kylie with the fun toy that Grandma Nancy got for them!

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