Saturday, January 15, 2011

Elmo Street

Guess what we did last night?!

Here's a hint: Kylie really enjoys "Elmo Street" (aka Sesame Street) when she gets the opportunity to watch, and some of those friends may or may not be in town.

That's right! We all loaded up and drove down to the Sprint Center to see Elmo and all of his friends in Elmo's Healthy Heroes (Sesame Street Live)! It was also our first visit to the Sprint Center, which has only been around four years or so. We apparently don't get out much. Regardless, we left the house about 6:00 for our 7:00 show. Arrived with no big traffic delays and found a spot to park right across the street from the venue.

I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story:

Waiting in anticipation

Taking in everything around her

Me talking to her about what we will see

Bert and Ernie came out first, but I'm pretty sure this is when she saw Elmo!

This is how she spent most of the show...staring with mouth agape!

Obviously enjoying the show. This smile was present 98% of the time we were there

We had fabulous seats - 10th row! (more on that in a minute)

Some more of the action

This was a favorite spot. Standing in front of her seat, watching intently.

There's that smile again. Clearly not enjoying the show.

And another one with the smile. You might say she loved it.

This seems like a good spot to talk about the dancing. While standing in that favorite spot of hers in front of her chair, she started jumping and dancing like crazy. She'll jump around dance at home when she gets excited, but nothing like this. Especially not for as long as she did it. Kylie had most of the people sitting around us laughing pretty good with her antics. It was great. I really wish we had video of it, but video recordings were frowned upon. Although, we might have gotten away with it if we were just recording Kylie. Back to the pictures...

On Mommy's lap

A bit more of the on-stage action

Back to her favorite spot

Another one of the smile. Somehow they don't really get old.

The only bit of trauma we suffered was at the very end. Since we were close to the stage, when the streamer cannons shot streamers into the crowd (and oddly enough, seemingly focused on our seats) she wasn't too excited. Once she realized they weren't hurting her, she was ok with them.

All in all, a FABULOUS experience. She was mesmerized by the entire show. There was never one instance of her being distracted and fussing. At all. That's saying something for any 2 year old, and especially ours.

A note on the tickets. Jody and I talked briefly on Wednesday night about going to see the show over the weekend. Then on Thursday, I found out a co-worker had tickets, unfortunately coupled with a sick kiddo. I certainly felt bad about their little one missing out on his surprise, but we are extremely grateful to the Poste family for the tickets. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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