Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow, no hurt you

Kylie isn't really the biggest fan of the snow...well, I guess now I can't say that is completely true.

We were on our way to take Annie to the vet to get spayed this morning, and we had lots of snow and more to come.

With the snow falling as I was getting them both out of the car, some blew in on Kylie and she started to get pretty upset. I assured her that it was okay, and it would dry. I also told her that the snow can't hurt her. So she then said snow, no hurt you. I followed it up with how fun snow can be and that we would play in it today.

Okay, so once we returned home, we got in our snow gear and went out to play. Kylie was definitely hesitant about the snow, and was very careful to take those first steps and venture further out from the garage.

Here are some pics I got of her today.

Taking those first steps into the snow.

Talking to me about the snow.

Not so sure that she wants to do this anymore.

We are getting adventurous and venturing out a bit more.

The wind blew some snow down off the roof, and she didn't care for that too much.

Thinking about climbing Everest....the front steps.

Wondering how this is supposed to be fun.

I think this is when she realized it was sticking to her mittens.

Not sure what this was all about, but it is pretty cute :)

Having fun throwing snow up in the air and watching it fall down.

Okay, now this is beginning to be fun!

Oh, I should let you know she was excited to go out in it again when Matt got home from work. She even started to throw snow at us and really think that it was fun to do! Here is some video of when we were all out when Matt got home from work.

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Katie said...

Burrr!!! But beautiful! Just wanted to let you know I came by. I loved the sweet pics of Kylie!


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