Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sugar & Spice...

Today was Kylie's first haircut! We took her to a place just for kids...the name of it is Sugar & Spice Kids Salon.

I think most kids get their first haircut somewhere around their first birthday or so, but Kylie was just starting to get more hair at that time. We have debated on whether or not to get it cut, and decided that it was time to get it all evened out, since it just isn't growing a bunch yet.

I called and made an apptmt for Kylie today, and I let them know that Kylie typically does not do well in new places and with new people. They said a haircut typically takes 30 minutes, and half of the time is getting them comfortable while the other half is the actual haircut. To play it safe, we decided to show up about 15 minutes early, so we could have even more time to get familiar with the place.

Of course Kylie was not about to just plop in her jeep (more on that in a minute), and let a new person start messing with her hair. Her sweet stylist, Patty, offered to put a movie in for her to watch, and we told her that she loves Elmo. Low and behold, Patty returns with Elmo in Grouchland, and that is a movie we had once watched over and over again :) The familiar movie got Kylie excited and comfortable enough that she was sitting in her jeep by the time the movie got started. She was even telling Patty what was going to happen in the movie.

Okay, so below you will see Patty beginning to wet down Kylie's hair, so she could begin the haircut. Every couple of minutes or so when Patty first started, Kylie would get teary eyed and remember where she was, and that it was all so new to her. Before she even had a chance to get verbalize that she wanted to go, I would interject with a comment about who was in the movie or what Elmo was doing in the movie. Whew! It worked :)

Yes, she is sitting in a jeep to get her haircut! The little guy next to her was on a motorcycle, I also remember there being a racecar, and a couple other fun vehicles too. You will also notice that she is picking up the cell phone to make a call during her hair apptmt :)

A lock of her hair

This is the finished new style! Patty tried to see if Kylie wanted to use the blow dryer, and she wanted nothing to do with it, so we opted for some gel to hold the little curls she has.

Kylie was content in her jeep by the time it was all over with, and really enjoyed watching her movie.

Making another call to tell her friends about new hairstyle!

Yep...still watching Elmo.

Hmm...who to call next?

Yep, another call.

It wasn't until after the cut was all done, that Kylie tried stepping on the gas in her worked! The tires were spinning, and that was pretty exciting to her. I think this is a pic where she realized that it worked and was looking down to step on the gas.

This must have been her boyfriend on the line with her :)

She seriously did not want to get out of her jeep.

We had got Kylie the first haircut package deal thing, where you got a certificate, a before and after picture, and a lock of hair to save. Below is a pic of the certificate that I scanned in. It didn't come out so clear when I scanned it, but you all get the idea.

Here are a couple pics I took of her when she got up from her nap. I love the wavy curls in the back!

A little bit of a profile shot here. I tried to ask if I could hold her paci and snuggie, and she was totally not giving it up.

Overall, Kylie did Amazing! It was a really fun, and cute place to take kid to get their hair cut. We will definitely return to see Patty, and let Kylie sit in her jeep and watch a movie while she gets beautified!

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Rochelle said...

What a fun place to go for a haircut. Glad she did so well she looks super cute as always!


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