Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kylie gets creative

I felt like I have been slacking in the sensory therapy activities, so I decided to see how Kylie would do with a shaving cream project. We often do this during bath time, but I thought I would try it on dry land, to see how she would respond without being able to immediately rinse it off of her hand.

You will notice that she has a paper towel in hand...ready for a quick clean-up if needed.

She just loved sticking her little Elmo toy in the shaving cream.

Dipping more little toys into the shaving cream

I think she likes it!

Hmm...what should I do next?

Trying to share it with me :)

Yep...she definitely likes this!

So apparently Kylie thought it would be more fun to make her toys hop around on the table, rather than on the wax paper....she also thought it was funny, when I asked her what she was doing :)

Annie watching close by...I swear, they are bestest of friends!

It's beginning to get even more exciting here.

Putting shaving cream on the toys heads makes for lots of giggles and a beautiful smile!

The little artist deep in thought

The finishing touches

Overall, Kylie did great and I was really proud of her for being such a willing participant. She wasn't a fan when she got shaving cream on her hands, but all and all she did wonderful and had lots of fun too!

Everything from here on is what inspired this recent blog post. Since the shaving cream was such a hit, I thought we would try paint. The last few days we have been painting, and Kylie keeps saying that she wants to paint.
The other night's painting session took a different turn.

Kylie got a bit of paint on her thumb, so I held her hand and wiped it onto the wood that she was painting. She stared at her hand and the wood for a couple seconds, and then she did the unthinkable, the unexpected, the thing I would never do.....she stuck her hand in the paint and started to smear it around!

I could not believe my eyes! I ran upstairs as fast as I could to get some paper for her to leave her mark on. I met Matt at the top of the stairs and told him what Kylie was doing. He came in to watch and encourage her, and then got the camera.

I love how she is looking at me all proud and smiling about what she is doing...I can't believe it!

Just look at those hands in the paint!

Showing off her latest way to proud of herself too!

Making a few masterpieces that we will forever keep.

I think that is the most beautiful little hand I have ever seen :)

Love this pic!

Below are pics of her creations

The heart below is actually the first painting project that I set for Kylie to do. I wanted to save it for last, because it is so very beautiful and such a great representation of our little family.

When it comes to pretty much everything, I like to be able to control the flow of things and want everything to remain within the lines, but life just doesn't really happen that way. It's best to just let some things happen as they are, and find the beauty in what we have. Yes, it may be a bit messy and not how we would imagined it to be, but it really is the most precious thing we've got.

And this heart that Kylie painted is exactly that...a beautiful creation just as it came to as it happens.


JSmith5780 said...

Paint AND shaving cream in one week?!?! Awesome!

MJStump said...

Yes, it was big time for both of us!


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