Thursday, December 30, 2010

Catching up with some pics

I know, I have been doing a terrible job at keeping up with the blog recently...heck, I still have to post about her birthday party. In due time, right :)

Okay, so here is a good amount of pics of Kylie and I will do my best to recount the stories behind them...given, my memory doesn't fail me too much :)

We were in Kylie's playroom (more on the playroom later) for this first group of pics, and Kylie was just being so silly and smiling a ton. Definitely the makings for some great pics!

I got this pic as she was in the middle of dancing....what a pose :)

She was jumping and spinning at the same time here...she loves to do that!

So my mom got her these pom poms this past summer and she goes all out when she plays with them!

Kylie likes to play this game where she will say "Momma/dadda get the ball." She will then throw it and race you to get the ball. This was after she got the ball, and was very happy that she won...she always seems to win :)

Kylie loves a piggy back ride. Here are a couple pics of Matt giving her one.

She was talking to me when I took this pic, and it looks like she was trying to smile, so I love it.

Kylie was putting her doll shoes on her fingers...she thought it was so silly!

Just another cute pic!

Kylie riding on her giraffe bike from Grandma Nancy.

We had a playdate with one of Kylie's best friends...she has a few besties :) Here are a couple pics of them that day. It was tricky trying to get both of them to smile at the same time. You will see a couple pics of each one smiling, but not at the same time :)

Giving a goodbye hug!

Kylie was playing dress up, and keeping the clothes and things on for more than a minute, so perfect picture snapping time :)

It looks like she is trying to decide what wish she wants to grant here.

Looks like she made a decision and is waving her wand to grant a magical wish!

Love this one too!

One morning Kylie was watching some shows on Nick Jr, and she found a comfy spot to watching them....on Dadda :)

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