Thursday, December 16, 2010

All things Kylie

Here are a few recent share-able Kylie moments that made me smile, and laugh!

Wash Hands

One day last week, Kylie came downstairs as I was getting things together so we could run a few errands. She was saying "wash hands" and I could see that her hands were dirty with something brown on them. I was thinking what in the world could she have gotten into. I run upstairs to get some wipes and to do a quick scan of the room where she was playing.

What I found was an empty Reeses Cup wrapper. And it was damp...she must have licked it clean! Once I realized this, I just laughed.

Coat On

Following the Reeses Cup incident, Kylie and I were getting our coats before heading out the door. She wanted to put her coat on herself. She did great getting one arm in, and then had a bit of trouble getting the other arm in. What I saw was Kylie literally going in circles trying to find the other arm hole to get her coat on all the way. It was cute, kinda funny, and then I just felt bad for her. She was just working so hard to do it by herself.

Before she did too many circles, I stopped her from getting dizzy and helped her find the other arm hole to get her coat on.

Taking a Drive

On Friday last week, it was sooooo nice a high of 60. Crazy, I know. We made the most of it and played outside for a bit. Kylie got in her car and told me that she was going to see Papa and Abbey, and she would be back soon. I loved this little conversation we had!

Then she said she was going to surprise dada, and that he would be happy, and that she got back.

2 More Minutes

Everyone tells you that your kids will use your words against you one day....I just didn't know it would be so soon. We always tell Kylie that she has 2 more minutes to play, or 2 more minutes of reading books before bedtime, and so on.

Well, we needed to get inside to eat some lunch on our sunny Winter day, and she held up her fingers and said 2 more minutes! Priceless, don't you think!

Cheek to Cheek

One day after one of Kylie's naps last week, I got her out of her room and brought her downstairs with me. She usually like some quiet time and sits with me or even lets me hold her after her nap....I love this! Well, she put her cheek on mine, and we just sat cheek to cheek for a whole minute! It seemed like forever, but it was so sweet having her so close and being okay with it! To think, this is the little girl that never liked a hug or to be touched, and she had her face pressed up against mine :)


Rochelle said...

OOO love the cheek to cheek! Sweet!!!

MJStump said...

I know Rochelle! It is one of my favorite moments with Kylie!!

I saw Alayna take a couple steps at church last made be all teary and so very happy for her!


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