Monday, December 6, 2010

All things Kylie

Okay, so I mentioned in the last post that my following post would be about the last minute trip we took to Ohio. Umm...I promise the next post will be about that :) Sorry, I don't have all the pics on my computer.

Back to all the random, and silly things that make Kylie, so very Kylie!


I remember when Kylie was starting on table foods that I read somewhere that kids love when they can dip foods in sauces, dip, or whatever. With all of Kylie's sensory issues, I figured that day would never least no time soon.

I thought I would offer her some ketchup one day, just to see what she would do. As you usually does with something new, she doesn't even get it to her mouth and makes that horrible face and puts it back.

Kylie has lots of anxieties when it comes to food and is less likely to eat if we keep encouraging her to eat, or if we are paying too much attention to whether or not she is eating. After several attempts and mommy and daddy not watching (well, not for her to notice), Kylie now enjoys ketchup! Kylie refers to it as sup.

The thing I have learned about having a toddler, or just a child in general, is that they do not really get that we typically put ketchup on certain foods. Kylie however likes to dip apples, cookies, crackers, just about everything she can into her ketchup.

The hardest thing to watch is when she sticks her fork in the ketchup and then just eats it off the fork....yuck! I love ketchup more than anything, but even I won't do that :)

Oh, another silly thing is whenever Kylie dips french fries in ketchup, she just sucks it off of the french frie and then dips it again. It look so gross and sharing that with us :)

Cuddle bug

A couple days last week were some of my absolutely favorite days with Kylie. She has never, ever been a cuddler, so anytime she sits close I soak it up as much as I can. But twice last week, Kylie didn't just sit close, she laid back on me and we just cuddled for a short time! I was scared to move a muscle, because I worried that she would realize that she was so close or that she would move away. Matt was working each time it happened, but I do hope it happens again when he is home so we can capture a picture of these sweet moments.

Missing ornament

The other night Matt and I were downstairs after Kylie had went to bed, and I noticed an ornament that was a good distance from the Christmas tree. I asked him why it was so far away, and he said that he just took it out of his pocket. He said he found it upstairs. Apparently Kylie wanted to decorate her room or just save one for herself. Perhaps we need to get Kylie her own little tree to decorate.

New bed

Yep, we did it....we put Kylie in a toddler bed! We let her see it and had it out for a few days before we put it in her room. She tends to get excited with new things...then again, who doesn't :) Anyhow, she was really excited when we told her that she was getting a new bed. Well, the day finally came and we did it.

Matt did the honors of putting her down at bedtime, and she really started to cry. We were both worried about how things were going to turn out, but she was a star! She only cried for a few minutes, and then was out. I checked on her when I went to bed, and she was sound asleep in her new bed. It was the cutest thing ever! My little girl is just getting so big...makes me a little sad though.

Here are a couple pics I snapped the first morning she woke up in her new bed.

Oh, a note I wanted to share is that we put one of those childproof things on the doorknob on the inside of her room, so she can't just wonder out. Well, that only works when you close the door :) One day during naptime she decided she was awake after not sleeping too long, and came downstairs. Yep, I failed to pull the door closed all the way. I am definitely more diligent about closing it all the way now :)

Lullaby request

I made up a little song when Kylie was just a baby....the things we do to calm our little ones and try to get them to sleep. I started singing it to Kylie again, to calm her before putting her down for naps and bedtime. At first I would alternate what songs I would sing, but now Kylie requests the same song over and over again. It is really sweet! The beginning is Kylie Mae Stump is a princess, so she will say Kylie Stump as we are walking upstairs to make sure she gets her request in before I start singing something else to her.

She certainly makes me smile! She will even try to sing or say a word here or there as I am singing to her. Recently she likes to interrupt the singing, and I think maybe she thinks if I don't sing her the song, then I won't put her down to sleep.

I always tell her that I will sing for 2 minutes and then she goes to sleep. Just the other day she jumped up in the glider in her room, and said 2, elmo. I laughed and said "yes, Kylie..we sing for 2 minutes and go ni-night, then we wake up and play with elmo."


Kylie is going to be quite the mischievous little thing. I went to get her ready for church the other day, and the hall bathroom door was closed and the light was on. I knew Matt was in the shower in the master bath, so I opened the door. Kylie was rummaging through one of the bathroom drawers, and she said close, and she tried closing the door on me.

We definitely need to keep close watch on this little lady, or we will be submitting clips to funniest videos.


So Kylie is expanding her way to say No. She likes to say no have to. She gets it from me when we try to see if she wants to try a new food, or just try to expose her to anything new. I always tell her that she doesn't have to do such and such if she doesn't want to do.

I think that sums up all the newest things that Kylie is doing that make her exactly who she is...Kylie :)

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