Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Came Early!

Okay, so yesterday afternoon while Kylie was napping, I was catching up on email and so forth when the doorbell rang.

To my surprise it was my mom, and dad, and their dog Abbey! They drove here from Ohio to see us...ha ha, they came to see Kylie, and be here for Christmas.

I seriously just froze, and was like What are you doing here? I guess I was in shock or something. I still can't believe they are here, and it is really great to have them here to see where we live, and spend time with Kylie.

There's more...

Matt had left like minutes before they arrived (apparently it was all part of their master plan), and then he returns a few minutes after they got here with my brother, Joey and...well, just see below to see who else came with them. My sister, Jennifer, wasn't able to get off of work (she recently started a new job), but hopefully we will all get together another time.

Yep, Grandma Karen and Papa Joe, got Kylie a puppy for Christmas! Kylie is beginning to get used to having Annie follow her around and it is really funny, because they take turns chasing each other. We just love hearing Kylie giggle and belly laugh when she plays with the dog, and when the dog gives her kisses.

So what is the dog's name? Annie. I always loved the movie Annie growing up, and since this puppy looks so much like an orphaned dog, I thought it was a perfect fit. Funny thing is that Kylie keeps calling it Abbey on and off, because she is used to my parents dog, who is named Abbey.

I'm not sure she realizes that Annie is hers, but I'm guessing it will all sink in when they return to Ohio, and Annie stays here.

Annie is very loveable, and cuddly, and playful. I think that makes for a great first time dog for our little family. Kylie loves helping, and really enjoyed it when she helped me feed Annie yesterday.

I know, she is kind of funny looking, but that is what makes her so cute! She is a Yorkie Poo...Matt says that is the most manly type of dog a guy can get...haha. Anyway, she is awkward and just super sweet, and she loves to curl up with you just about anywhere.

Kylie already had a tea party with Annie yesterday :) I know, I should have taken pictures, but I was enjoying it too much! I'm sure it was just the first of many. Kylie was even holding the teacup for Annie to drink from.

Anyhow, here is another cute pic of Annie.


Rochelle said...

What a great surprise! Merry Christmas!

JSmith5780 said...

WOW!! Sounds like you will all have a very Merry Christmas!!

MJStump said...

The only thing we need for Christmas is to wake up Christmas morning with snow on the ground, so Kylie and Annie can play in the snow together :)


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