Friday, December 3, 2010

Playing catch-up

I know, it has been awhile since we posted all the happenings of little miss Kylie. So here is a shot at catching up on a few things.

Below are some super cute pics of Kylie playing with her Dora dress-up clothes that she got for her birthday. She was hesitant at first, but after a few attempts, she warmed up and let me help her get dressed up!

This is the face Kylie makes when we ask her to smile...she is such a silly little girl!

More of her silly smile :)

The night before Black Friday, we were going through all of the sale ads, to see if there were any good deals that couldn't be passed up. Well, Kylie decided to join in and was tossing through the ads as well. I guess she was trying to plan out her shopping too!

We can never get enough of that smile of hers!

A little more serious, but always so sweet!

So we had lots and lots of leaves to rake up a couple of weeks ago. Kylie loves to help know, it is more like un-raking all of our piles :) Here are lots and lots of pics of her helping me rake up the backyard, while Matt worked on the front.

A slight smile starting to peak is so hard to get smiling pics of her. I almost got one here.

Yay! Look at all the fun Kylie is having getting a bunch of leaves! Oh, and a big smile too!!

The smile just gets bigger!

Kylie peaking through the gate of the fence.

I like how this one came out....I threw some leaves in the air and snapped a shot.

I'm not sure what we were talking about here, but I do like the expression on her face.

More of our silly girl :)

Studying all the leaves as she sits in them.

Let's see....what else has happened in the last couple of weeks. Oh, Kylie started wearing the footed jammies to bed! I know to some this is like an every day thing. But for us it is HUGE!

When it started getting colder, I tried to put them on Kylie and she would scream. She is also one that takes her socks and shoes off whenever she can....she just doesn't like how they feel.

So when we were in Ohio recently (more on that next post), my parents got her some slippers. I honestly think that trying to get her excited about the slippers....I would just call them her "new shoes" that it helped her be okay with the footed jammies.

So yes, it is exciting that in the past week, she has been wearing the jammies to bed and staying warmer at night. Prior to Kylie wearing the footed jammies, I would put socks on her and often they would be off by morning and she would have cold little piggies. She won't use a blanket at night, but she is getting more comfortable with letting us cover her up with one when she is on the couch with us. Baby steps :)

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