Thursday, September 8, 2011

End of Summer Celebration

Okay, so I realized that I had not done a post about her last day of school for the Summer session at the Britain Center. I was waiting to get some things to add to it, and well...I just need to do the post :)

I was crossing my fingers that I could stay on the last day and help out, but her teachers and I know that she does so much better when we are not around :( I remember when I showed up early to pick her up on her first day of school there and she got pretty hyper and then basically stopped participating when she saw me.

Oh well, one day she will be less anxious and will show off all of the wonderful things she is learning at her school! The fun part is that in just a couple of weeks, it will be Kylie's special day, where she gets to be the line leader and bring a special treat. Oh, and I get to stay and help out...yay! I'm excited to see how things go with me there and what her day at school is like.

Ok, so onto the last day of classes for the Summer. They had a super fun day and got to go swimming, and had ice cream cake. I made a giant cookie cake with balloons on it too. It was so cute to hear Kylie say "my momma made it."

Below is a montage of sorts with some pics and video. They did a couple of songs...Skidamarink a Dinky Dink and The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Kylie wanted nothing to do with performing. Like I said, she does not like to do things when we are watching, and especially not when there is a room full of parents taking pictures and video. It was kinda sad to see her with her head down or just sitting in her chair instead of joining in....poor thing look so very unhappy.

No worries, her music teacher (also a music therapist) is simply amazing (everyone there is!) and got her to dance just a bit...most importantly, she got her to smile!

I can not stress enough how happy I am that Kylie is at the Britain Center with the best people possible for her and us!


Rochelle said...

So glad you love IDC like we do. Glad she is blooming there too.

MJStump said...

Yes, LOVE it so much! They are doing great things with Kylie...and she is responding so well!


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