Saturday, September 24, 2011

All things Kylie

It's looking like I'm about a month behind on some postings...the pics in this post are from my August 2011 folder.

So I stole this idea from our friends Pudge and Biggie, hope you guys don't mind :) The first time we played with something like this was way back when one of our libraries had an event called Ooey Gooey, Icky, she looks so little in pics on that post!

So here is what we did. We got a bottle of hair gel, and squeezed it out into a ziploc bag, and then added some food coloring. We sealed the bag, and put in inside another bag...just in case it decided to leak. Then we squished up the bag to get a uniform color. Then we had some fun pressing shapes on our bags!

So Matt and Kylie used to read books in her princess tent before bedtime. I'm guessing they have outgrown the tent, because they now read books in her closet. I think it is so cute, and she loves it!

One of our favorite places to go is to Deanna Rose Farmstead...the cutest little petting zoo ever! Somehow I have neglected to take our camera each time we have gone...sorry. We planned to go one day when they were having Safety Day, but it was pretty toasty out that day. We pretty much ran through the little stations and went home. We did however get a little fireman's hat, and I got a couple pics of Kylie a few days later with it on. Too cute!

Not too sure about the silly little string that goes under her chin.

Since Kylie was starting school in just a week or so (at the time), we decided to get her hair trimmed a bit just in time for school. Below is a before pic...don't you love the cheesy smile she gives when we ask her to smile for the camera :)

Driving in her Barbie jeep and watching a movie while getting her hair done..sign me up!

All done!

We had met our good friends at the hair salon, and Kylie's little friend got his hair cut too. We went over to a new little shopping center and let the kids play about and run around the fountains...they loved it!

So is seemed like for a few weeks...or an eternity, Kylie was not wanting to nap so well. It would take her Forever to fall asleep, and when I would go in to wake her (because she would nap too long....ha, no such thing, right?) so she would go down at night for us, I would not find her in her bed.

The first time this happened, I actually started to panic a bit because she wasn't immediately visible to me. I had no idea how she could not be in her room. Then I saw some feet sticking out...just see for yourself.

So she finally gave up and fell asleep in her tent. So cute! Another time I had gone in to wake her, she was on the floor. Doesn't look so comfy to least the tent has lots of friends (stuffed animals) in it for cushion. Oh well, I guess kids really can sleep anywhere.

There was a Friday where Kylie and I crammed so much fun stuff in the day, that I felt like super mom or idea where my energy came from. We did therapy in the morning, went to the mall, to the park, came home for lunch, and then went to the Lenexa Waterfest....they had all sorts of fun stuff for things for kids there.

I had never been before, and they had lots of booths set up for kids crafts and activities, free hot dogs, pizza, and ice cream...woohoo! They had cane pole fishing too, and Kylie and I caught the tiniest fish ever...Matt was proud when we told him about it!

They even had one of the fire trucks shooting out water for the kids to run was the cutest thing. Sorry, no pics of was a bit too much for Kylie. Anyhow, here are just a couple pics of Kylie going up one of the little water slide things.

While we were there she saw a kid playing with a little frisbee ring, so we had to find the booth that was giving them away, and give it a whirl. does this thing work?

No idea what this was about... just a cute face

This was later that evening when we got home and we were playing with the fishy she made....she was telling me that she was not going to smile for me.

Fishy was hungry and decided to eat her finger....she is so silly!

The very last thing before bedtime was to make the little magnet craft we got at one of the vendor's...she gave me a great big smile and it was the perfect way to end our fun day!

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