Sunday, September 18, 2011

Prelude to Halloween?

So I have asked Kylie a few times what she wants to be for Halloween...she doesn't really get what I am asking her, but she knows she gets candy :)

Anyhow, I was sewing the other evening and Matt took Kylie to the store with him. While driving there, he asked Kylie what she wanted to be for Halloween. He then called me and asked her again while on the phone with me.

I thought I heard her correctly, but then, she must have said something else. Nope...I heard her right the first time.

Here is a short video Matt got of her this morning to see if she still had the same answer.

I'm thinking that maybe if we don't talk about it for a little while and ask her again, that she will forget about wanting to be a triangle. A triangle, really? Maybe, I can convince her that Tinkerbell is the way to go....she absolutely loves Tinkerbell right now... 'til then, a triangle.

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The Adventures of Bobbie and Zach said...

For the record, I think she'd be the cutest triangle ever!!!! And I love her personality :)



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