Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ohio...Part 1

We went to Ohio the end of June for Kylie's follow-up with her neuro at the Cleveland Clinic. We were planning to drive there on a Friday, but Kylie and ended up flying out on a Tuesday, while Matt headed out Thursday night. My mom had a heart attack the beginning of May and was also scheduled to go to the Cleveland Clinic for a consult....our early departure was so we could spend some extra time with Grandma Karen.

Here is a super cute pic of Kylie and Grandma Karen resting together on the couch. Kylie is not one to cuddle or lay down unless she is in her bed to sleep, so I knew I had to snap a pic before the moment was over.

My mom had lots of fun shopping for Kylie this Spring, and had so many clothes for Kylie when we got there. Here is a pic of Kylie in her cute ballerina jammies. She looked so cute in them! She even did her ballerina dance for us :)

Kylie and I went to the store with my dad one morning, and she did really great with letting him get her out of her carseat, and it was so sweet when I looked up and saw her holding his hand as we were walking in the store...of course I snapped a pic of it....and then did some editing and came up with this:

I'm not sure if Kylie will be much of a girly girl or not...she loves climbing and running around, but also loves to wear dresses and pretty shoes. Anyhow, she started letting me paint her nails. Okay, so I had to bribe her to do it the first time...one jelly bean per finger. Don't worry, she only had a few before I was able to get away with having to give her one every time.

My mom has like every color of nail polish you could think of, so Kylie was definitely enjoying that. She kept saying "pick a color" so she could pick out a new color or nail polish....she seriously wanted a new color every day. Below is a pic of my mom doing her nails.

Since I have been gone from Ohio so long (almost 12 years...holy cow), I don't remember where to go when we are there or how to get anywhere. An old friend for high school told me about this indoor play place called
Skedaddles so we decided to check it out. Once, again, my sense of direction is not so great, so since we got there a little later than planned, we were not able to do the craft activity they had going on, but were still able to play.

My sister met us there, so we all got to spend some time playing with Kylie. I think Kylie had a good time playing, it is definitely a cute place for kids to play.

Here is Kylie playing inside a little house they had...she loves things like this!

Weee...going down a slide!

I thought this was super cute. It has a bunch of these little bike type of things, so a few kids can play on it at the same time, and when they pedal it makes it move and they go around in a circle. I seriously think this is what helped Kylie learn to ride her bike. She has been able to go backwards, but once we got back to Kansas, she was going forwards!

Whenever we go to Ohio we always get some yummy food! I think it was the first night Matt was there, we went out to dinner and then stopped at Handel's for some ice cream. You seriously have to go here if you are in the area, because it is sooooo good! I sampled the twixter flavor, which was cookies and caramel...totally tasted like a Twix candy bar. I still got my standby favorite...mint chocolate chip.

Kylie saw the Dora popsicle and had to have it. Here is a pic of her all ready to eat that yummy treat! Doesn't she look cute in that dress...courtesy of her Aunt Jen :)

I swear Kylie eats more food on the drive home whenever we eat out somewhere, than she does in the restaurant. So after eating our ice cream at Handel's, Kylie asked for her food. Here she is eating a giant onion ring...I have no idea why, but she loves onion rings! She also likes to say they are "worms"...I guess they kinda look like them when the breading is off of them, and then she laughs and says she is eating worms....so gross.

We also had a chance to meet up with an old friend of mine that I have been friends with since as long as I can remember...you know, the kind that you played in puddles with in the summer after it rains.

Well, Karen invited us to come to a wine tasting...and yes, we took Kylie :) They are totally family friendly and welcomed kiddos, so it was great. We had a bit of a time navigating our way to the location...got stuck in a parade, and some GPS issues that said roads were there that didn't exist, but we made it there!

The owner of The Cortland Wine Cellar, Sheila, had brought Kylie some paper and crayons, and a tic tac toe board to play with before it was time for the dinner they were having....see kid friendly :) She later brought Kylie some grape juice and a miniature little glass to drink it out of...it was so cute & she did great drinking out of it. Of course we had to take pics, because if you didn't know any better, you would think she was drinking some wine.

They had a live band playing the night we were there, so here is a little video I shot of Matt and Kylie dancing and being silly...I think they were doing "The Twist."

My friend, Karen, and Kylie playing outside. Kylie was making a silly face, but I thought Karen looked so pretty.

A pic of the 3 girls....yep, a bit of fun editing too...I thought it came out pretty cute!

Karen's boyfriend is a videographer and he and his co-worker were doing a story on The Cortland Wine Cellar the evening we were there, so please check out the footage they got that evening. Oh yeah, Kylie has a cameo appearance about 2:11 or so in the

Once we got home that evening, we noticed that Matt, my dad, and brother were all wearing the same shirt...so yep, picture worthy, with my dad making a silly face for the pic:

Just before bedtime, Kylie was playing with her Uncle Joey. She did such a great job warming up to everyone and it was so wonderful to see this. At our last visit, she didn't want to give hugs to anyone, but this one was different...she gave hugs a lot when we would ask her to give someone a hug to tell them goodbye or goodnight.

The next morning we got to meet up with another friend of mine, I have known her since the 6th grade. She invited us to come with her family on their boat, so that was great to just relax and enjoy the time on the water with some friends.

Here is pic Matt got of Kylie and I...as you can she was rather not so happy. We had quite the meltdown getting the life jacket on her...oh, how the sensory issues are not so pleasant. After being on the boat for a little bit, she did great and really seemed to enjoy it.

...still a little uneasy here, but getting better.

My friend's beautiful little girl!

Kylie playing with her new friend.

A pic of my friend and I just before we left. I know she is so cute and tiny...maybe one day I can grow up to be just like her :)


Rochelle said...

Looks like a great trip!

MJStump said...

It was...busy and lots of fun going on!


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