Thursday, January 26, 2012

All things Kylie...and more

So I thought once I did the last post with Halloween and such, that I had completed all things from October...not so much :) This post is going to be a mix of all sorts of things and stuff we did in October.

Not sure what this was from...nothing more than a cute pic :)

Followed by another cute one...silly laugh this time :)

Matt's mom has a beautiful rocking horse in her house upstairs. We can see it from the living below and have visited it many times. This was the first time Kylie wanted to sit on it.

I'm pretty sure she likes it! She has been on it several times since...yay, or no...yeehaw!

Just a pic of Kylie being silly at lunch time one day. She is silly just like Matt!

I decided that since Kylie was bringing home so many things from school, that we needed to display them in her playroom. So I got a strip of fabric and tacket it up like a clothes line of sorts, and we hang her pics on it. We change them out when she gets new every week :)

This was from another pumpkin patch place we went to, and I just thought this pic of Kylie holding Matt's hand was just so cute. So yes, some photo editing, and here you go.

We went to the park later that was just too nice out not to. Kylie loves to climb and can get up just about anything she sees.

Coming down the slide!

Kylie went in for another hair cut. She did so great! Just put her in the jeep, and pop in a movie and she is good to go! It doesn't get much better than that!

All done after her haircut!

Every year in October (for the last couple of years), we have Infantile Spasms Awareness Week. This is a time that we try to draw awareness to the devastating form of epilepsy that Kylie was diagnosed with as a baby. One thing we like to do is wear purple to show our support for epilepsy. Here are some pics I got of Kylie that week sporting some purple.

Not only was she wearing purple, but she found some of my shoes and was walking around in them....she walks in them way better than I do :)

Oops...she slipped out of the shoes!

Holding my this!

Yep, she's a purple princess!

"Ohhhh mom, do you have to take another pic?" Yes, yes I do.

Some of our friends from church put a team together for the Step Up for Down's Syndrome Walk KC, and we went to show our support.
Yay for team "All For One, 21 For All!"

LC and Jace ready to get this walk a these guys, they are so cute!

Dariya...just loves those eyes of hers!

Dariya's sister Alayna was not able to make it. She was sick and in the hospital just the day before. We all walked for her too!

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Rochelle said...

Love all the pics! She is so beautiful!


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