Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Boo! has been awhile, and I have gotten behind on blogging. Matt says to pick up the posts from here on out, but I can't...I gotta do Halloween and Kylie's birthday and everything in between and there after.

Here goes!

I know I did some pumpkin-y posts, and now we have Halloween! One night, Matt took Kylie with him to the store and just 2 minutes or so after they left...he called. He told me that he asked Kylie what she wanted to be for Halloween, and he wanted me to hear her say it. So while on the phone, he asks her what she wants to be. I hear her say something, and instantly thought that it just didn't make sense. So I suggested Tinkerbell, because it started with the same letter as the word that I thought I heard her say....nope.

Before I tell you (for those of you who don't know), here is a video of her telling us....yes, we had to record it because it is that unique :)

There was no convincing Kylie that she could be anything but a triangle for Halloween. If we suggested anything else or questioned what she wanted to be...she would totally melt down. It was almost like we were questioning who she was....a triangle. Oh and not just any triangle. She said she wanted to be a light blue triangle. After all, blue is her favorite color.

Here are the hand puppets I made for her friends in her Kindermusik class.

This was the first time she got to wear her costume...she did not want to wear it. simple as it was, it was somewhat of a challenge to construct a triangle, or at least figure out the best supplies to use. We told her she could take the hat off, once all of her classmates arrived.

Hmm...I bet she is thinking that she can not believe she is really a triangle...her dream come true :)

She is starting to get nervous about going into the classroom...trying to hide.

Getting warmed up with some scarves.

Story time with Miss Miranda...she loves her so much!

Triangle Costume take 2: Next was trick or treat at her school. Here are the finger puppets I made for her classmates.

The kiddos waiting for all of their classmates to arrive, so they can get started...they are all so cute!

So much cuteness in one pic!

I swear it looks like they are all lined up for a mug

On the hunt for some more candy.

She was kind of nervous at first, but then got the hang of it....she started checking the goods before taking something....going for the chocolate :)

Triangle Costume take 3: We went to visit Grandma Nancy at her work, and went trick or treating there too! The girl had tons of candy by the time it was all said and done with! She already had some practice and was doing great with saying trick or treat and thank you after a couple of stops...yay Kylie!

One of her first stops...trying to hide her face, but shortly after she had a run of the place and did fantastic!

Triangle Costume take 4: No pics, but we did go to Matt's was his first day at his new job! Everyone was so nice, and it was a great way for Matt to re-meet people he had met earlier that morning. No one will ever forget him, especially after meeting his cute little blue triangle :)

Triangle Costume take 5: So what would good would a costume be if you can't ring doorbells and knock on doors. Kylie was a pro by the time Halloween night was here. She loved it too! By this time, she had already figured out that "okay, I have to interact with people, but they give me candy...usually chocolate, which I love." "I can do this."

She was so great, that we waited on the driveway or at the bottom of the steps, while she went to the door. It was soooo great to see this!

I love this...sucker in the mouth, and trucking on for more candy. She had us hold her sucker while she went to get more :)

I got a pic of our shadow holding her it!

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