Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reaching for the stars

Yesterday was a HUGE day for Kylie!

She was amazing at Kindermusik yesterday, which had me near tears during her class. I was so proud of her, and being able to watch her be a part of something that brought her smiles and joy was just incredible!

Last week she only screamed once, and that because I was trying to get her to participate. This week was just unbelievable!

Kylie not only stayed either on my lap or next to me nearly all of the time, but she participated so much!

*she got the toys for each song when prompted to do so, and put them away too
*she played the instrument when it was her turn
*she sat right up front when they read through the picture book and pointed out and said what she saw
*she got the blanket she likes best for quiet time
*she went up to the teacher to get a stamp when class was over

These are all things she had not done on her own since class started, so seeing all of this in the same day was AWESOME!

Now my car not starting when class was over was not so great, but it didn't matter at the time because I was still on cloud nine with how great Kylie did.

We are so excited to see how quickly Kylie has responded to our SticKids therapy. We have only been doing it for less than 2 wks and have already seen some great improvement! Hooray for Kylie!!


I have been wondering where I put Kylie's fingerpaints for quite some time now, and I finally went on a mission to find them. I got things set up in the garage, and Kylie was excited to paint.

When she got some on her hands, she wiped it on her pants and didn't get so upset. She loved dipping the sponge brushes and wooden sticks into the paint and then smearing it around.

Deep in thought as she creates her masterpiece

When used up all her paint, so I gave her more and then ran in to check on dinner. I was excited about what I may find when I came back. No she wasn't covered in paint, which would have been cute. She thought the garage floor was lacking something, so she added some flair to it :)


Kylie isn't so fond of letting me do her hair, so I usually have to distract with something to get it done, or tell her where we may be going and that if she lets me do her hair that we will go do such and such.

This evening I thought I would try out some different clips and bows in her hair. The surprise to me was that she was okay with it. She even picked out different bows and things for me to try in her hair, and then smiled all cheesy when she saw herself in the mirror.

I began to think that I just may be able to get all of her hair back in pigtails...look how cute it is!

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happy's mommy said...

Oh gosh...with that face how can one NOT help but be smitten to pieces!

I'm SO happy for all the happy!




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