Thursday, October 14, 2010

All things Kylie...lots of cuteness!

I know the title has the added note lots of cuteness. I'm sure all of you are just thinking, isn't there always lots of cuteness, as far as Kylie is considered. The answer would be the obvious Yes :)

So we got Kylie some new shoes, because all she is doing is growing. Just today another mom at the library asked if she was 2 1/2 or 3. She was surprised when I told her that Kylie was almost 2...she is just so tall! Oh, and I tried to get her stand next to her growth chart today and I got her to be like 35 inches...she has grown 3 inches in the last 5 months!

Anyhow, back to the shoes. Kylie has been doing great for a little while now (since the end or even middle of summer) at getting all of her shoes off, and she has recently learned how to get these new ones on! I will admit that most of her shoes in the past have been ones that don't have velcro or anything like that, so they require wiggling to get them on.

She is very excited to show us that she can get them on, and that is always a plus to see her thrilled about her own many talents!

The other night Matt wanted to take Kylie fishing at a little pond just a couple minutes from the house. Off we went and lots of fish did Kylie and Matt catch.

Here are some sweet pics I took with my phone:

Fishing with her daddy

So excited to see the first catch!

The fish was so tiny you can't see it in the pic, but Kylie was trying to hold it! She definitely got that from her dad, because I still won't touch a fish.

Guess what she is thinking about doing?

She thought about it....then tried to do it....give the fishy a kiss.

Getting close with the fishy in her attempts at kissing it. Don't you love that the sunlight is outlining her sweet face!

So no pics for this next little cute story. I have taught Kylie to say sorry when she hurts something or throws a toy or whatever. She will then give a hug and a kiss. This isn't just limited to people. She will kiss her dolls and toys too.

I have extended that to telling her that we need to give hugs when someone is sad. So if we are reading a book or watching something on TV, and I mention that someone is sad, scared, or hurt she will say hug and hug the page of the book or walk up and hug the TV.

With all of that said, just yesterday she heard a child crying when we were at the library, and I said that someone must be sad. She said hug, and then ran to find the child that was upset so she could give them a hug. She didn't find them, but it was so sweet of her to think that, and then try to find the little one that was crying.

We had Kylie's current Kindermusik CD playing in the car this evening, and Kylie has recently playing along with the actions we do in you can see her doing the part where she has to peek. So cute how she covers her face and then lights up when she says peek and uncovers her eyes!

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