Wednesday, August 4, 2010

O-H...I-O (Part 3)

I'm not sure how I missed adding this picture to the last post. Kylie is off and on when it comes to whether or not she wants to wear anything on her head of face. But when she is on, she is totally on and it is super cute and fun! Funny thing was that she didn't quite have the sunglasses on all the way, so when she walked they would bounce up and down on her face and she thought that was absolutely hilarious! It was too :)

While we were in Ohio my dad had mentioned that he knew a few people that had horses, and I told him I really wanted to take Kylie to see a horse and maybe even try and ride one. So the one day that Matt hung out with my dad and brother they were at the race track....they are into drag racing. Well, Matt met one of the guys that my dad knows with a horse and he said for us to stop by so Kylie could meet their horse, Sparky. We took him up on his offer and have a few pics to share.

I must also add that when Kylie first saw the horse, she started signing and saying dog. Of course we all laughed because it was super cute! We were kind of surprised because she always signs horse when she sees one in a book or around where we live. Oh well, I guess to her they just look like really big dogs in person.

She did not want to touch Sparky.

Oooh, she finally gets brave and tries to reach out to touch the horse!

Thinking about touching Sparky again!

She sat on the horse long enough for me to snap the picture and then wanted off immediately.

Sparky was such a sweet horse and I learned that the spot right between his nose is soooo soft!

Our horse friends had an old car in the loft of their barn, and they brought it out for Kylie to ride. She loved it more than the horse! They referred to it as the Flint Car, and rightfully so, because it looked just like a flintstone car. It has been in their family for years, and I would love to get one like it for Kylie....I mean, wouldn't she be so cute as Pebbles for Halloween!

I have created a few different video montages below with a mix of video and pics. The first one is Kylie driving around in the Flint Car. You will see why I think she needs to have one :)

When we were at the baseball game we got Kylie to cheer a bit, but we only got the video on Matt's phone and well, you know the quality on those isn't nearly as great as the real thing. Anyhow, we tried to get her to cheer again the next wasn't her best, but it was still cute :) So the next set will show her cheering and some pretty cute pics of her coloring and having fun with momma and dadda.

My brother has a golf cart that he uses when he is at the race track, and we thought Kylie would enjoy taking a spin on it around the yard. We were right about that...she loved it! She kept saying "mo" and signing more to let us know that she wanted to keep driving it around. And of course we have pics and video of that too! I told you I took lots of everything :) Enjoy this next montage.

One night we got to meet up with one of my long time friends, Karen. I have known Karen as long as I can remember. We grew up as little kids together, splashing in the puddles in our bathing suits after a rainy summer day. It was so good to see her and catch up a bit. She had a good time making silly faces at Kylie and getting her to smile and get a bit closer to her.

Okay, I should only...ha, only have 2-3 more posts to finish up our trip to Ohio. Tomorrow I hope to have the most exciting post of all....the details of Kylie's follow-up visit with her neuro at the Cleveland Clinic. You will surely want to check back in for that :)


Bobbie said...

Not sure how it's possible, but she keeps getting cuter and cuter! I love reading all the stories from the trip! Sounds like you had a great time and Kylie did great!!!

MJStump said...

Thanks Bobbie! We really did have a great time and Kylie loved it too...she keeps saying Papa and signing Grandma.


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