Monday, August 2, 2010

O-H ... I-O (Part 1)

I have a whole list of things to blog about regarding our trip to Ohio and I have no idea where to begin. Perhaps chronological order would be best, but it seems like we were there so long that all the days and happenings are kind of mushed together.

Let's see, I took around 350 pics and 30 video clips. Needless to say I have lots to sort through so I can put something together that makes sense and goes together.

So I have decided to recap our trip into little segments, so it isn't too overwhelming for me, and so you all don't get lost reading it :)

When it was time to wake Kylie to leave for the airport on Thursday, July 22nd, this is what we found:

She was completely passed out and the pic Matt snapped with his phone was almost as if she were posing with the one leg kicked up and her hand behind her head.

Kylie did absolutely great on both flights and took turns going from one of our laps to the other. We had lots of new toys and snacks for her, so that was a great thing to keep her occupied. I am not typically a fan of just feeding her so much and giving her whatever she wants to keep her calm, but traveling is just one of the those times where you just do whatever it takes to survive.

Just a couple days before we left to go to Ohio Kylie entered a new phase of toddlerhood... tantrums. I was thinking, couldn't she just wait until after our trip? Apparently not. It was actually kind of funny because she would just throw herself into the couch and and kind of breathe heavy like she is all worked up.

Unfortunately she decided to progress with them and is no longer the silent tantrum-er. She likes to yell now and swing her arms around and either throw things or hit them. That's when we take away her toys, because she needs to respect her toys and not injure anyone when she is having her moments.

The reason I bring up the tantrum deal is because she decided to bump them up a notch while we had our lay over and delayed flight on our way to Ohio. So it was then where we discovered that the moving walkway is a great distraction for little ones. Matt and I took turns going on it with her and she loved waving to the parent that was not riding on it with her as she went by.

Anyhow, back to getting to Ohio. We learned that Kylie had more fun playing at Matt's feet while on the plane, so that is where she stayed most of the time. Here are a couple cell phone pics of her on the plane.

By the time we landed in Ohio, Kylie was 2 hrs past her naptime, and she just couldn't take it anymore. We had to take a shuttle to the car rental place and that is where she just let loose and melted down. However, there was another couple around our age on the bus, and they had a little guy near Kylie's age and a they were able to help distract her and stop the flow of tears before we got our car....whew thank goodness for the kindess of strangers!

Within minutes of leaving the car rental, this is what we saw when we looked back to see how she was doing:

To prepare Kylie for our stay with my parents, I printed off a handful of pictures that Matt put together to make a social storybook. Here are a couple pics of how it came together.

I believe this really helped Kylie better adjust to her Papa and Ma'am Ma. I showed them to her a couple times a day the week prior to our trip and we also had it with us on the plane and drive to their house. She was not scared of them like she typically is around other people and I'm guessing the two play kitchen sets, and play vanity set they had for her helped too :)

After going out and having some dinner, we headed over to DQ to get some dessert. Kylie loves ice cream, but we are certain that she loves the cone even more. She loves to turn it sideways and start with the cone, which does nothing more than cause a gooey mess...which she does not like. We had her cone turned upside in a cup. She went to work on the cone and then dipped into the ice cream as she pleased. Here are some cute cell phone pics of her enjoying the yummy treat.

One day Matt went out with my dad and brother, so my mom and I went to the park that was down the street from where I grew up. We had lunch there and Kylie kind of enjoyed playing a bit too. I only say kind of because it was pretty hot, so we ended up not being there too long, but enough to get some smiles and a few cute pics.

This is a time when it wasn't so fun being at the park. She didn't want to play unless I was right up there with her.

Being silly with Ma'am Ma

Starting to get upset that I am putting her shoes on so we can head back home.

Looking back, thinking about all the more fun she is missing out on.

It's like she is saying, but I don't understand why we have to go.

So this is the first couple days or so of our trip, and I will be sure to post more soon so stay tuned in :)

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