Wednesday, August 18, 2010

here or there

So I am having trouble deciding where to blog some of my or there...on my new blog.

I may flip-flop until I get things figured out and then may go back and forth when I have my moments :)

Monday was Kylie's first day of Kindermusik for the semester, and it just didn't fair so well. She was really uncomfortable being there and it was hard for me to see her like that. We worked through it and she was more a part of things near the end...I just wish she could have enjoyed it from start to finish.

Today was story time at a local museum and she was pretty much the same of course I am near tears and wishing she was okay with new things and new people, and wanted to be around them and not run from them.

So bare with me as I try to figure where to post what where. I want Kylie's blog to be all about her accomplishments and updates and all things Kylie. At the same time, I want to separate my ups and downs and from her blog and keep them on mine. I know they are a part of all things Kylie, but I want her blog to more of the happy stuff.

K, I am going to keep rambling, so 'til next time :)

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