Wednesday, August 11, 2010

O-H...I-O (Part 4)

I know, I know...I was on a roll with updating the blog with all the details from our trip to Ohio and then I just kinda burned it blogging overload or something silly like that.

At least I made it through the best post of all, the one with all the cool stuff from
Kylie's apptmt with her doctor :)

I am going to try and get through the rest of our trip by this weekend...try is the operative key word here :) Sorry, I have just been really worn out lately, and hope that it is just a temporary thing.

So this post is going to be more video and slideshows than just pics, because I had so many pics that I liked, and it would have taken forever to upload all of them.

After a day of rainfall, we went outside and that is where I decided to teach Kylie how to jump and splash in puddles. Kylie caught on so quickly, and really had fun jumping in the puddles. Afterwards, she decided to take a little break and walked to the end of the driveway with her dada...this is where she decided to start waving to every car that drove is so cute to see her kind of squat and look down the street to see if more cars were coming.

You will notice that Kylie is sporting a super cute t-shirt courtesy of Bobbie & Felicia (from Matt's work). The shirt has a cute little monkey on it with a suitcase and it says "That's It!! I'm going to grandma's!" So fitting for our trip to see grandma and grandpa. They also gave Kylie a matching bag with a monkey on it, and some bowls and spoons for snack times. She has definitely had her share of ice cream in the bowls. In addition to all those goodies, they gave her a cute little blankie that she has been using to cover up her Elmo doll and babies when she puts them down to go ni-night. Sooo cute! Here is some video that relates to the above info:

Our neighbors had ordered Kylie this adorable ruffled yellow dress and it came in just in time before our trip to Ohio. I know Jessica was excited to see pics of Kylie in her dress, so I was sure to text her a picture of Kylie in it, as soon as I got her dressed! I took tons of pics of Kylie wearing this dress...and the little flowers in her hair that I made....however, they didn't stay in too long, because she liked playing with them.

Anyhow, Kylie looked adorable in her new dress and refused to wear the cute black sandals that we searched forever for to go with her outfit. I tried to tell her that being a girl isn't always glamorous and sometimes painful, but she wasn't having I tried :) Feel free to click this
link to the website that features the Peace-Of clothing line that Kylie is wearing. Jessica's aunt and 2 of her friends started the clothing line and they are located in Michigan. You are welcome to contact Jessica for an order by emailing her at

When we got Kylie outside after getting her all dressed, she took off her shoes and started running around in my parents giant back yard. It was so cute seeing her carry her sandals and running so free! She is just you all know, I can never, ever say that enough!

Here is another video with some of the cute pics I captured of Kylie and some video of her running around with Matt and her Papa, and chasing the dog. You will note that Kylie is wearing shoes at some point...she had enough of being barefoot and we aren't used to letting her be barefoot know, we (yes..we, Matt is too) are kinda OCD :) Anyhow, the video is simply beautiful...moments we never thought of, but loved every bit of them!

Not too far from my parents house was a place that was a combination between a petting zoo and a regular zoo. The name of it is Noah's Lost Ark and Animal Sanctuary. It was a neat place where they take in exotic and endangered animals that have been neglected or abused. It was kinda sad to read their stories, but nice to know that they know are in a safe home. They had all sorts of animals from goats, to zebras, and tigers, and emu...just lots of different species that you wouldn't expect to see unless you were at a zoo.

The nice thing about it was that they had wagons that you could rent...well, for those who have children that will actually go in them. Kylie was having several moments, and we know it was because she was so tired and it was getting to be past her naptime, so she pretty much refused to ride in it, but did enjoy pulling it around. Since Kylie loves goats and other animals that she can feed, she loved trying to get close to the goats and feeding them, and then just trying to touch them.

I think I just have one more post to go in order to get all caught up on the happenings from our trip to Ohio. It may be a long one, so give me until like Friday or so. And Bobbie, these posts are for you...sorry, to keep you waiting :)


The Adventures of Bobbie and Zach said...

I love it!!! She is so cute and I love getting to see the videos! You're going to have to give me a lesson on how you upload the pics/video combo sometime! Believe me, I know how easy it is to get blogged out...mostly just wanted you guys to know you had some adoring fans who are thrilled every time there's an update! We need to hit up Deanna Rose again soon (maybe when it's not 100 degrees)!!
Bobbie & Dylan :)

MJStump said...

Glad you enjoy the blog so much! OneTrueMedia is all where it's at when it comes to the video/pic it!

I always get excited to see your blog updates's fun to see how things are going with everyone and their little ones.

Yes, Deanna Rose once this never ending heat wave is gone.

Hugs for being an adoring fan :)


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