Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I think she has been saying it for a few days now, but it was super cute this afternoon to hear Kylie say's more like "Heh..whoa" She has inherited my old cell phone and this evening on our way home from the grocery store she had it in hand and kept saying it over and over again. I told her to say "how are you" and she tried, but then smirked when I asked her to say it again...she opted out and said "heh..whoa" again :)

It was definitely great to have the cute and silly moments with her today when I was not doing so well with my worry for her.

In addition to her not wanting to be at Kindermusik this week, or at the story time today...I saw all too many head movements from her. You know, those stereotypic movements where her head goes far back, and the first one I saw today was a doosey. It was first thing this morning when she was telling me she wanted to watch a movie, her version is "mooo-ie" Anyhow, she was so excited that her head went back so far she fell down...enough to make me sick.

I know it isn't anything new, but it's like they disappeared because we almost never see them. I think we told her neuro that they have decreased at least 90-95%, and now ehhh...I hate to see it. It seems weird to say we have forgotten about them, but we kinda have. I mean, if you almost never see it, then you aren't thinking about it so much. Which is nice, because it allows you to be caught up in the moments...the good moments :) And then when it pops up it just makes you all queasy and stops you in your tracks.

I have been flipping through flash cards with Kylie and she is really doing a great job of trying to say a lot of the words that I say to her when I show her the card. I try to go through different ones, because usually after a few she is done and just wants to play, and I totally understand. The next step is seeing if she will begin using these words more. Here is a list I started of the flash cards she has repeated upon asking:

horse, elephant, yo-yo, duck, moon, goat, egg, fox, alligator-gator, heart, kangaroo-roo, bird, sun, slide, girl, boy, dress, kite, walrus, nest

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