Tuesday, August 17, 2010

...more things Kylie

Okay, so I had so much to put on the last post, that I thought I would save a little bit for another post....that would be this post :)

I have mentioned before how much Kylie loves to play dress up, and now she is starting to add more accessories to her style...a purse! This little purse was in her Easter basket, and she didn't seem to care much about it...well, not until a couple weeks ago. I usually put all of her little bracelets in it, when we are cleaning up from playing dress-up. She has caught onto that and has been doing her best to fit them in her purse and then she likes to carry it around. Here are a couple pics I snapped of her with her latest accessory :)

We have been to a few different branches of our local libraries, but our visit yesterday was a bit more exciting for the both of us.

You see, there is this big stuffed dog named Paige, and one of the librarians told me that kids love to give Paige hugs when they stop in. Kylie has never wanted much to do with Paige, but yesterday was a different story. I prepped her and told her that we were going to the library and that Paige, the dog, would be there. As soon as she saw Paige she was excitedly saying dog and ran over and squeezed Paige real tight! Then she gave Paige a kiss and more hugs...it was adorable to see her do this. This was a big step for her and a happy moment for me...she didn't want to let go and just kept holding on to Paige so tight!

Sorry, no pics of that...I was too busy enjoying the moment, but I did get a couple cell phone pics of her playing during our library visit.

Kylie coloring

Fishing magnetic letters out of a bucket

Playing with dinosaurs. She either had them all on the rug, or all off the rug...oh, and here you can see that they all went ni-night when she laid them on their side :)

Another big moment for Kylie was last night. So she loves ice cream, and for some reason she gets so stressed and worked up when we try to give her some at home. One time I got a big bowl and figured the two of us could share it. She literally melted down and it was hard to help figure out what was wrong and why it was too much for her. I thought maybe she wanted her own bowl, so that is what I did the next time we had ice cream. Same thing. She wanted it, then screamed and tears were flowing and it was just not a good thing.

Last night was very different. She went right over to her bowl and put a spoonful in her mouth! No stress, no tears, no unhappy moments....just a little girl enjoying her ice cream. I love that she was finally able to enjoy it and not let the stress of it overcome how much she likes it. Way to go Kylie!

Lastly, we went to the craft store today and she found the section with all the prestrung beads that are used for jewelry making. At first I was thinking okay, please stop touching all of them and let's go. Then I realized that she liked how they felt and that was why she had to touch them all and then go back through and find the ones she liked better. Once it clicked with me, I just let her go up and down and touching all of them and letting her hear the sounds of them all clattering together. She loved it!

Amazing how many things you can discover for therapy when you aren't even looking :)

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